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Farmers markets and country fairs have exploded into city squares and streets over the last decade as foodies, and non-foodies are becoming more health conscious and thinking more what we put in our bodies.

When you buy food from a market you get a much better idea of where your food has come from, and there is a much bigger push and popularity in organic produce.

On the last Saturday of the month, the Aberdeen Country Fair takes place in the heart of the Granite City, and attracts more than 30,000 people.

Since 2000 it has been an opportunity for local producers (not just food, art as well) to make their goods available for locals. From 9am til 5pm, Belmont Street becomes a hive of excitement and activity with stalls popping up to sell you the best the area has to offer. But what food can you buy?


You can really tell the difference between a mass produced loaf and something that is made with passion and the best ingredients money can buy.

The Crannach Bakery has a wide selection of breads freshly baked in their shop using organic ingredients, wonderful sea salt, and most importantly, no preservatives.


If you live in Scotland and love fish you will surely heard of an Arbroath Smokie. Arbroath Quality Fish is a family run business who catch and smoke their own fish. Granite City Fish (a very local name) specialises in white and exotic fish.


If it’s not the famous fish that are whetting your appetite what about the meat? Scotland is famous for its meat and game there are more stalls than you can shake a steak at offering burgers and sausages made from a vast array of meats, steak pies, venison, and of course haggis and the lesser known, but no less appetising mealie pudding.

Cakes and Sweets

Okay, so cakes might not be the healthiest thing to eat, but in moderation and only occasionally they a fabulous reward for being good.

So, if you’re going to treat yourself to something sweet you might as well buy from the country fair. You know what they say – buy less, but buy better. Scones and traybakes; brownies and gingerbread; and that most Scottish of biscuits, good old buttery shortbread and fruit loafs.

If it’s a traditional sweet thing then you’ll find it here. Must not forget Clootie Dumpling though. It has been the favourite of Scots for generations with everybody’s granny making them to their own special recipe.

The Granite City is a great place to visit, but in winter make sure you wrap up warm to keep out the North Sea chill. With the fair taking place in the heart of the city it will be just a black bun’s throw away from your hotel in Aberdeen, and in the run up to Christmas the fair is open every Saturday in December. Sounds ideal for a spot of festive shopping.

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