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Keeping Tourist Attractions Special With Artificial Grass

Tourist attractions across the globe attract millions of visitors each day. These bring in valuable revenue for the particular country, city, charity or other organisation that owns the attraction, and the more tourists visit the better. However, this constant footfall has an adverse effect on outdoor green areas. Grassy walkways, parks, picnic areas and more are continuously being somewhat spoiled by over use. This results in either an unkempt green area, or a large chunk of revenue being set aside for upkeep. Many tourist hotspots are now switching to synthetic grass in heavily travelled areas in a bid to keep costs down whilst also promoting green space.


Many tourist attractions are also used as venues for events. Large country houses in particular are popular for weddings and garden parties, yet often have to restrict the number of such events due to wear and tear on the grounds. Installing an artificial lawn lets these venues offer year round green areas that are beautiful yet durable. The same is true for sites which may host music or folk festivals, offer camping facilities or allow local sports teams or schoolchildren to use their parkland for games and activities. Certainly no-one wishes to exchange vast tracts of countryside meadow and parkland for synthetic grass, but creating a few artificial areas that can be put to use for events can help maintain the whole area.

Areas of Natural Beauty

Any area of natural beauty is bound to be visited by many, especially in the summer months when people start thinking about spending more time outdoors. Of course the whole point of visiting an area of natural beauty is to experience nature, and ripping up fields and trees is not an option. However, synthetic grass can be a viable and more aesthetically pleasing solution when replacing things such as gravel walkways or concrete areas. Installing artificial grass in areas of high footfall such as designated footpaths and car-parks keeps the whole site looking verdant without having to constantly maintain hard done by grassy walkways that turn to dust in summer and mud in winter.

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Using artificial grass to create green areas either indoors or in areas where sunlight and natural irrigation are poor is also becoming increasingly popular. When considering replacing real grass with synthetic there are always pros and cons to consider, but when talking about using the artificial grass to create an additional green area there are no real downsides. The new generation of synthetic turf looks and feels like real grass, but has added durability, making it an ideal surface for any area where many people are likely to walk each day.

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