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Keeping Your Appliances Safe During A Storm

While summer is typically the brightest time of year in cities and towns across the U.S., its not all sunshine happiness all the time. Summer brings with it summer storms that can terrorize unprepared coastal towns and cause untold destruction to homes and businesses and can be as severe as winter storms. This is something that many coastal residents are all too familiar with, making ties for shutters, guards for windows and re-enforced framing for garage doors a part of any home repair. But while storm-logged homes may be protected against most damage, air conditioner service experts recommend putting your focus this summer on protecting your cooling systems before it’s too late.

There are a few key ways air conditioning repair technicians recommend protecting your AC units and keep your home temperature running smoothly.

Re-enforce Outdoor Units

While many homeowners know to remove window units in a storm, outdoor, ground-mounted units need to be protected as well. By checking that the unit is properly attached to the concrete, all metal bolts and straps are properly secured and that it is firmly planted in place, you reduce the risk of the unit becoming disconnected, shutting down your home cooling and causing property damage.

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Turn Off Cooling Systems

It is important to get your home as cool as you can before a storm, as you may not have power once it is over. To prevent power outages, make sure to shut down any cooling systems before the storm arrives. This will prevent the thermostat and breakers from being impacted in a power surge. Keep the AC shut down until the storm passes, as condensers may be covered in water and can further short out internal components.

Perform Regular Maintenance

By replacing filters, cleaning out dust traps and other routine maintenance, you prevent the normal things that cause AC systems to fail. Most AC repair companies work on just a few highly technical things within your AC. The rest is fixing small issues caused by normal wear and tear and a lack of maintenance. By doing these little things—replacing filters on your own, cleaning out leaves and debris—you can save hundreds per year in visits from the repair man. These maintenance tasks are even more important during the summer season, when AC systems are more vulnerable to these types of breakdown issues and when you need them the most.

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