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You don’t have to look like frumpy or unflattering when you wear scrubs or a nursing uniform. Nowadays, uniforms come in all shapes, sizes, cuts and silhouettes.

Looking good in one is as simple as choosing the best for your body type and knowing how to improve upon whatever choice you make. 

If The Uniform Fits…

Scrubs and medical uniforms are typically roomy so as to allow the wearer ease of movement. But this extra material sometimes translates as droopiness or an uncomplimentary profile. Like many people, you probably think this is unavoidable. That’s untrue.


All scrubs are not created equal. Cherokee uniforms, for example, are available in a wide variety of shapes and cuts: from the most slender to the curviest. Understanding which fit looks best on your physique, then tweaking your uniform, is what will preserve the sanity of your inner fashionista and maintain the fierceness of any given work day.

When perusing the right clothing choices, think of Cherokee uniforms as a blank canvas upon which to inscribe your own personal style.

  • Color-block with mixtures of bright tops and bottoms.
  • Keep your bottoms dark and rotate a series of colorful tops.
  • Play up the seasonal drama with weather-oriented prints.
  • Tee-shirt transfer a series of your favorite prints onto a set of scrubs. Add a drop of sparkle to sleeves and pockets with a BeDazzler. Keep it simple, though; no one should mistake you for a Las Vegas Casino sign.

Sizing Up Your Choices 

Are you on the hourglass side? Be sure to purchase tops with suppressed waists. Are you on the fuller side? Relaxed fit with a tiny amount of cinch at the waist, hips, and tapered ankles will make your curves pop but still look professional. Want to suggest you’re taller than you truly are? Go in for a straight leg. V-necks also give the illusion you are leaner by anchoring the overall shape of your scrubs upon a vertical accent. The list of tricks is endless.

Button down? Slip-over? Zipper? Belted waist? All of these can work to your advantage, especially in just the right color and cut.

Speaking of color: Lighten up. Mixing a series of dark and light scrubs keeps your work wardrobe interesting, providing more coordinating opportunities than usual. The first key is to think like a fashionista, then choose your uniform accordingly. Who says a uniform has to be boring? Think of “Cherokee uniforms” as a synonym for “fashion possibilities” then explore as many as your heart desires.