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Applying to medical school is no joke; it takes a lot of preparation, legwork and thinking. Medical school is a very challenging environment and it may take some time to get used to. It is a completely different ball game. You will be surrounded by people who have more real world experiences than you. To have equal chances of getting in to medical school one key element you should pay attention to in your medical school admission package is your personal statement.

Your medical school personal statement is not just any regular essay. You can’t blow it off or take it for granted. You need to look at your medical school personal statement essay as a tiebreaker and as a personal introduction to the admissions committee. You have to use this essay as a form of paper interview, as a way for the committee to personally connect with you. Somehow let them take a peek inside your head; let them know you, your past accomplishments and your future medical plans. This is not a creative writing type of essay also. You can’t just state that it has always been your dream to become a doctor and save lives. You have to produce evidence from your personal biography and experience that involved research and altruism.

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Unfortunately, many people fail the personal statement essay because they can’t provide a convincing answer to the most fundamental question that is, “Why should we admit you?”

What makes a convincing answer?

Personal potential is what many admission committees look for in a candidate. They look for this because it can be grounded on past achievements. Just flatly stating that you’ve always dreamed of being a doctor puts you lower on the list. Not a good place to go.

A convincing answer is always backed up with facts. Whether making a claim about your laboratory experiences or stating your ambitions, you should be able to support it with information from your own personal experiences. It would convince the reader that you have taken serious steps to fulfill your dream. If you are just going to lie on your back and claim that you want to be a doctor and did not really lift a finger to make this happen, then your application would be in the bottom part of the heap. It is not very good. Use actual facts and experiences that will substantiate and flesh out many of your aspirations and dreams.

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