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Kids clothes labels can easily help you and others to identify your children’s clothes. Whether you are taking your children out to the day care, school, camp or any other group, it is vital to use clothes labels to prevent a mix up of your child’s clothes with those of others.
This is a short guide to help you get the best from clothes labels for kids.
Why do you need to use kids clothes labels?
– To identify your child’s clothes (e.g. school blazers, school shirts, socks, t-shirts, sports uniforms, shorts, jumpers etc.) any time he or she is going to mix with other children;
– To help you differentiate between similar clothes owned by different children at home;
– To help schools or parents of other children to get your child’s things back to you anytime there is a mix up;
– To personalize gift items for kids. A good example is to customize a birthday gift. Another time when clothes labels will come in handy, is when you go on a trip and you buy several clothing items for several of your nieces, nephews and even your own children. The personalized labels go a long way to make everyone who receives your gift feel very important.
What types of labels are available?
– Write-on labels (labels you write on using a permanent ink marker)
– Sew-on labels (labels that require you to use your hand or sewing machine to fix them on their clothes)
– Iron-on labels (labels that you can easily iron on to your child’s clothes)
Iron-on labels are by far the most convenient for most mothers. They are very effective and they save you a lot of precious time and effort.
What are the most important clothes to label?
For school, the most critical clothes to put labels on are those that your child will usually take off. These include: blazers, jumpers and jackets.
For sports, you should label all sports clothing items. These should usually include: tracksuits, sports t-shirts, shorts, boxers, jerseys, socks, shoes, swimsuits, caps, towels, pads, cleats, flip flops and any other form of sports wear. In many cases, kids will put all their sports clothing in the same place. When it is time to identify the owners of each item, things could get a bit clumsy.
Tips and warnings when labeling children’s clothes
1. When labeling your children’s clothes, be conscious of where you place the clothes label. You need to be aware that strangers, with negative motives, may see these labels and try to use them to call your kids by name. Therefore, you should place the labels in places like a shirt’s inner collar for safety reasons.
2. If you intend to pass down the clothes to your ones, you can use your child’s last name only on the clothes label. This will help you avoid a situation in which you have to re-order for clothes that you can pass down to a younger child.
That was a brief guide to kids clothes labels. From now on, you should be able to make better use of clothes labels for your kids.