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It is somehow fitting that Lady Gaga is an Aries; after all it is the first sign of the zodiac. Gaga, born Stefani Germanotta on March 28, 1986 is considered a quintessential Aries. She is practical, businesslike and has a fair share of the negative aspects of this sign as well. The question is, how much did the traits of an Aries have to do with Lady Gaga’s amazing rise to success?

The Early Years
Lady Gaga’s rise from an unknown to superstardom was done in a very Aries way. Aries are known for their courage, assertiveness and self-reliance. She has talked at length in interviews about how she wasn’t discovered by some great manager, she didn’t know anyone to get any special favors from and she never asked for any to be granted from the people she met on her way up.

She became who she is by virtue of diligence, hard work and not letting anyone dismiss her. In a very typical Aries type statement she also makes sure to emphasize that she stayed true to who she was and her vision and never tried to be anything else in an attempt to speed up success.

The Rise to Fame
Her spontaneity, another strong Aries trait, helped her to rise to fame quickly once she began to get known. All her little “monsters,” as her fans are called, never knew what would happen next. Everything she wore, everything she did, everything she said never felt staged or like a cry for attention – Aries are known for being emotionally charged and spontaneous.

When she cries on stage because fans gave her a gift you knew it was real. When she speaks to her monsters and gives encouragement – they believe her. The Aries woman is kind, charming, strong, emotional and spontaneous. All things that on a stage and under a spotlight shine brightly and attract greater and greater notice.

The Stardom
Gaga landed with both feet (in incredible shoes) squarely on top of stardom in true Aries fashion. Aries is represented by the ram, with curled horns and goatee. Rams are surefooted animals but not particularly graceful. The Aries person does what they do the way they want to do it and social graces don’t even cross their minds.

Sometimes, this type of single minded aggressiveness can be very positive. But at other times, it can land them in some hot water. When the Aries aggressiveness is combined with a “my way or the highway” attitude and an expectation that everyone will come around to their point of view – the Aries can make some enemies. Briefly, Lady Gaga showed some poor judgment in reacting to bad press not because she was new to stardom but most likely because she was diving into some of the negative Aries traits.

The Negative Traits
An Aries is charming because they are authentic, honest, unapologetic and driven. They have a certainty about them and what they are doing that can be very attractive. It can also be their biggest downfall. All that competiveness, drive and spontaneity can dip over into rash, impatient and impulsive behavior with disastrous results.

When Gaga’s whole gender came into question and photos were posted trying to examine certain parts of her body she retaliated by getting even more extreme and revealing in her attire. This was a big turn off for many of the monsters parents. Fortunately, Aries tend to not stay too long in the negative behaviors if they are lucky enough to have good people around them and Gaga found her feet again (in incredible shoes) and has gone on to even greater success.

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