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Landlords – Tired Of Cleaning Up Other Peoples Mess? Call In The Professionals

In my experience as a landlord, one of the most difficult aspects of property rental can occur at the end of a tenancy, when one of my tenants is moving out and another moving in.  I try very hard to make sure my properties are only empty for a very short amount of time.  However this does mean that I don’t have very long to tidy up the property before the next tenant moves in.

Property Cleaning
The main problem is that as well as renting out several properties, I also have a full time job.  This means that in the past I have had to take time off work in order to clean my properties at the end of the tenancy.  In some cases this could take several days as some tenants do leave the property in a bit of a state.

I soon realised that this end of tenancy cleaning was not only costing me a lot of time and hassle but it was causing me a lot of stress too.  This was hard work and I often found I didn’t have the right equipment to make the best job on difficult areas of the property such as the carpets and ovens.

Property Cleaning Services
A landlord contact of mine suggested that I try hiring a professional cleaning service.  I hadn’t considered this option before as I was worried it was going to be too expensive.  However, doing all this cleaning myself was really going to eat into my holiday and free time.

I went online and started looking around for property cleaning companies that could help me with end of tenancy work. I was surprised at how affordable some of the services were.  In fact this would actually work out cheaper than the time and money I was spending on cleaning the properties myself as I had to keep hiring specialist equipment. These property cleaner experts would also be able to make a much better job of the cleaning than me as well as they would have all the right equipment, skills and supplies.

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At the next end of tenancy I hired professional cleaners to take care of things for me.  They were in and out in just one day and the place looked cleaner than it ever had before.

I was very impressed and also had the satisfaction of knowing that I could save my time and efforts for the other important aspects of my life.

Professional Clean & Tidy London services really helped me to organise my property business.  They took care of the end of tenancy cleaning and ensured the properties were turned around quickly for the next tenant.

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