Laptop or Tablet – Six Reasons Why Tablets Aren’t Worth It

It is an odd fact that a large proportion of the media buzz in technology land is centred around tablet devices. It may be because tablets are the most up to date arrival in the constantly changing technology land or just because they are smaller and lighter; however you look at it tablets are everywhere. But the only question that should be asked is, do consumers really need tablets? Are they worth buying, can they do anything other than just allow you to do a bit of online browsing whilst lying around in your living room and are they not just a very clever Video Marketing strategy? Why not stick with our good old laptops? Are the really any better than cheap laptops which cost approximately the same? This article will give you seven reasons why they are not.

Reason One: Laptops are designed to be tougher and stronger.
Tablet computers do offer the possibility of protective cases and covers (if you spend money on them) but even if you buy these protective covers and cases the fact is that tablet devices will be more at risk of breaking. With unprotected screens and a flimsier build tablet devices have none of the robustness of most modern laptops.

Reason Two: Laptops have Significantly Higher Storage Capability and much Higher Processors.
It will come as no great surprise to anyone that when you talk about storage if you are using a tabletor ipad 2, the storgae quickly gets full. To add to that, there is no possibility of using a memory card that you can use for extra storage (at least in most of the tablet computerscurrently on sale). Comparing them with cheap and modern laptops, laptops come with much better memory abilities.
As with the processors, again laptops come with far superior processors and processing power than tablet devices.

Reason 3: Laptops Offer More Equipment with multiple extensions, connections and add-on options.
There are a great many things that tablet devices have in their favour, but connectivity is not one of them. Unless you only want to connect to other computer devices by wireless you won’t be content with the connectivity of your tablet device. In comparison, laptops give you everything from Thunderbolt, USB 2, USB 3 and Firewire to HDMI, Bluetooth, DVA & VGI and not forgetting eSata as well as connection to numerous audio and optical devices such as wireless headphones. It doesn’t end there however. In addition to the usual built in optical drives these days you can have laptops that also provide surround sound, dab digital radio, tv receivers and also a freesat recorder.

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Reason Four: Tablet computers are Really Built Simply to Operate Online.
The reason that tablet devices don’t have much processing or storage ability is that they are designed with the cloud in mind. This lets them to be light, but it can also mean there is not a great deal you can do with them offline, as there is only so much media they are able to store. No wi-fi? No tablet.

Reason 5: Laptops Are Much Much Better at Editing Media, Documents etc
Provided that you get hold of the best software, editing your media will not cause any difficulties for even the most ill-equipped of laptops these days. That being the case, if you purchase a tablet, you will be stuck with a very restricted selection of options. Tablet computers are also often unable to use the broad range of media available online; ipads for example don’t even allow Flash.

Reason Six: With Regards to Price, Tablets are Much Worse Value
Finally of course, there is the small matter of price. With laptops featuring so many extra features it seems nuts that you are able to get a well equipped and cheap laptop for the same price as your tablet device. Are these tablet devices really worth having when a laptop will cost roughly the same?


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