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If you’re looking to throw your own dance floor party, one of the best ways to go about your figuring out your design and décor ideas is by looking at the latest trends in nightclub and dance floor designs.  While you might not be able to recreate some of the more lavish nightclubs (such as the world’s first underwater nightclub, Subsix, in the Maldives, you can certainly take some inspiration from them.

Here are some of the top trends in nightclub design that are emerging in 2013.  Try to get creative with them—we’ll give you some ideas along the way!

Lavish Nightclubs

The experience of a nightclub is supposed to be one of luxurious decadence on the dance floor.  It’s not every day that the average person can go out and drop hundreds on bottle service, but when the occasion calls for it, you want to feel like you’re getting something special in return for all the money you’re dropping.  That’s why lavish décor inside a nightclub is so popular.

Think about your favorite hot spot.  The fabrics on the chairs are nice, the pictures are all set to a theme, the lighting hits the dance floor just right.  Take some of these design ideas and implement them into your own dance party.  Try to make the experience a posh affair—roll out the red carpet…literally!  Create a VIP lounge and make a cover charge. It doesn’t have to be much—it can even be a joke like a solo dance in the middle of the dance floor!  The point is when you make people feel like they’re having a classic nightclub experience with the décor, it’s actually what creates the experience itself.  If you build it, they will dance.

Latest Nightclub Design & Decor Trends

Supernatural and Paranormal Nightclubs

Another big draw for 2013 nightclubs seems to be piggy backing off the success of cable TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and Celebrity Ghost Stories. For instance, the old Chicago Historical Society Museum has been rumored to be haunted since it served as a morgue during the 1915 Eastland Disaster.  Adding to the ghostly presence is the role the future museum played in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  Of course, a haunted Society House turned museum makes the perfect grounds for a haunted nightclub.

Now, the site is home to Excalibur Nightclub where patrons can get the dance scared out of them on a nightly basis.  This makes a great location for those looking for supernatural experiences and the club rarely lets patrons down.  Another great example of this is the Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York City.

For a dance party in your home, think of a supernatural spook fest, especially with Halloween coming up shortly.  Of course, any time is a good time to scare up some dancing, so put your scariest shoes on and dance up the dead.

Movie Themed Nightclubs

From the latest blockbuster to the classic movies of Hollywood’s Golden Era, nightclubs based on movies are popping up everywhere.  David Lynch just opened Silencio in Paris, a nightclub designed around his 2001 hit film, Mulholland Drive.  Silencio houses a concert hall, restaurant, library and cinema.

Another hit club is based on the mega-blockbuster hit, Avatar.  With lasers and lighting that makes you think you’re dancing on the magical world of Pandora, experiencing the nightlife of a Na’vi.  Of course, while you might not have the budget James Cameron has for a dance party, you can still throw a party themed around your favorite movie.  Have people come dressed up in period costumes or as their favorite character from the movie.  Create the atmosphere of key scenes in the movie and pick songs directly from the soundtrack or inspired by it.

Art Gallery Night Clubs

Another huge trend in nightclub design and décor combines the artistic expression of dance with the artistic expression of…well, art.  One of the best that we’ve seen pop up is the dance club MUSEE in Madrid, Spain.  Not only is this one of the hippest nightclubs in an ultra-cool city, it also pulls double duty as a fancy art gallery where the funkiest and trendiest people come to celebrate the culture (or counter-culture).  This works on so many levels because some come to dance, some come for the art and some come to mock the other one by showing how cool they are.

Regardless, the final experience is a great atmosphere that puts two worlds together.  This will work great for personal dance parties.  For instance, if it’s a kid’s party, have all the children design and display their own artwork at the party.  For those in the arts, have your friends decorate the walls with their works.  Get creative and artistic with it!

Whatever you finally decide for your party, it’s essential that you top it—or bottom it, as it were—off with a professional dance floor.

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