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In today’s world, it is hard to imagine that some people still pay for website designs with so many free website builders out there such as There is no difference between paid website designed and free website makers. They all have the same results and at times, the free tools can be better depending on how you use them. However, making your own website is not the only thing that should concern you. Protecting your privacy while on your site and any other site on the web should also be your main concern. Here are ways you can protect yourself:

Protecting Your Privacy On The Web

Clear your search history regularly

Virtually all web browsers today have a record of search history and some may even have password information. You should always clear your history as soon as you finish browsing on your site especially if you are using a public computer. This will minimize the chances of hackers obtaining your passwords and other information about your website. Performing this action will not only protect your privacy but also improve the efficiency of your computer. Thus, you will also save energy and reduce your bills.

Stay clear of unnecessary forms

Once you create a free website, the next natural thing you would want to do is promote it. This might involve multiple SEO strategies that you may have obtained from the internet. However, you must be careful as to what kind of strategies to implement. For instance, you should avoid filling out unnecessary forms on the internet providing your personal details and information about your website. You can use software tools that prevent such forms from appearing in your website in the first place. Many of these forms are clever ways hackers use to obtain valuable information.

Be careful what you download

You have probably heard this fact repeatedly that, what you download can affect your privacy. However, you should know the seriousness of the problem. When you are on web, you may want to download your personal stuff such as music, videos, books and even photos. You should be extremely careful the sites you use to download as well as the files you choose to download. Many hackers now embed malware and Spyware in attractive files and once you download, they infect your computer, steal valuable information or cause it to malfunction. You should be especially suspicious of pop up downloads.

Log out from your search engine

Many of the search engines these days require you to open an account to enjoy the full benefits they offer. Once they have opened an account, many people never log out because they do not want the hassle of logging back in when they come back. However, if you value your privacy, you should always log out of the search engine when you finish browsing. Many search engines nowadays have an auto-complete feature, which completes what you wanted to type in the search engine. While this is convenient, you should consider disabling to protect your web privacy to the full.