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Kickboxing is a trend that is continuing to grow in the sports and fitness world.  There are so many good things about kickboxing that is can be hard to determine the myths from the reality.  Kickboxing, NYC and elsewhere, is growing at such a rate that many are finding it hard to decide whether it is a passing fad or here to stay.  Following are some things you may need to know when deciding whether kickboxing is right for you.

Learning Kickboxing: What You Need To Know

The Myth of Easy Fitness

First, some honesty is in order.  No fitness plan is easy, period.  Fitness and good health takes hard work, as does being successful in any sport.  This is no less true with kickboxing, yet it often gets a reputation for being “easy.”  This likely stems from the fact that, for many, it is different and new, which translates into fun.  The fact is, anything, even hard work, is easier when it is fun.  It is still not easy however, and eventually it will not be new anymore.  Any path taken in sports or fitness must be taken with a healthy dose of dedication in order for results to be seen. You must put in the time in the gym in order to see real results. You are not going to be physically fit, even with kickboxing, if you only go to it once a month.


In some ways kickboxing skills can be used for self-defense, in some situations.  However, this is not the main purpose or focus of most kickboxing classes.  Generally these classes are designed for fitness purposes, and some move on to practice the sport competitively.  If self-defense is your main goal, there are other options that may be more fitting that you may want to check out.


It is simply not necessary to have a ton of strength to be successful at kickboxing.  Many people start out with little strength, but strength definitely builds over the course of training and can be considered a very positive end result of sticking with the training.

It Is Not Easy, But It Is Worth It

Do not expect to walk into class and walk out at the end without being worn out.  It will take time to build up the endurance and skill required to keep up with the teacher and more experienced students.  Learning kickboxing in NYC, Los Angeles, and other cities is not easy, but it is highly effective and rewarding for those that stick with it.  The physical, mental, and emotional benefits are not likely to be seen with many other options.  In the end, the only thing you need to know about kickboxing is that it is worth it.

To learn more about kickboxing in NYC and elsewhere, visit a mixed martial arts studio like Ronin Athletics. Good luck in your athletic endeavors.

 Faith Stewart writes for a variety of publications and local websites.