Legal Troubles? 4 Tips to Help You Keep Your Head Above Water

Legal Troubles? 4 Tips to Help You Keep Your Head Above Water

While it’s not something most people want to think about at all, at some point, you are likely to face serious legal problems. This could include getting accused of a crime, being at the receiving end of a lawsuit or being involved in a nasty custody battle for your children. Whatever the case, legal troubles can be a significant drain on your finances and livelihood. Here are some tips that can help you keep your head above water during a legal debacle.

Legal Troubles? 4 Tips to Help You Keep Your Head Above Water

Obtain Legal Aid

In certain situations, legal aid is available to those that have limited finances but are dealing with serious legal problems that could create significant expense. Legal aid may be available to those trying to obtain a protective order from a court after domestic abuse. It may also be available to those that have to sue to obtain government benefits. Certainly investigate the possibility.

Finding Money for Bail

If you have been changed with a crime, you may have to pay bail to get out of jail. This can be the case even if you are innocent. However, bail can sometimes be very steep and much more than many people can afford to pay. The good thing is you’ll get the money back eventually. Try to ask friends and family members that are in better financial shape than you for a loan. If that fails, you should investigate options like using a bail bondsman like the Goldfarb Bonding Agency or someone similar.

Seek a Contingent Fee Agreement

One of the most expensive parts of dealing with legal matters is paying the fee to have proper legal representation from an attorney. Thankfully, there are certain arrangements that allow you to avoid paying for your lawyer out of your regular income. This is called a contingent fee agreement. If you have one, you will instead pay the attorney a percentage of any future legal judgment or settlement you obtain in a lawsuit.

Seek a Flat Fee Agreement

Another kind of agreement you could obtain from your lawyer to save you a lot of money is a flat fee agreement. With a flat fee agreement, you agree to pay a predetermined amount. This can be far cheaper than paying an hourly rate.

Serious legal problems can be extremely stressful and even scary to deal with. Part of that stress comes from the financial strain they can put on you and your family. Consider your options to make sure you get the legal protection you need without going into serious debt.

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