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Whether you’re trying to make a lasting impression or simply meet new people in your industry, planning your trade show exhibition around a certain goal is one of the most effective ways to achieve more from your trade show marketing efforts.

One of the best ways to find new strategies for your trade show exhibit is to look at industry leaders: big companies with the budgets and expertise to put their visions into reality.

We’ve picked out three amazing trade show exhibits and reduced them to their core concepts for your business to learn from. From gaming giants to famous automotive brands, read on learn from the cream of the trade show crop.


1. Nintendo’s Incredibly Interactive E3 Exhibition

For the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Nintendo knew it had to make an impression.

To promote its innovative Wii gaming console, Nintendo built an exhibition that was as interactive as possible. Everything, from the console itself to the games that came with it, was integrated into a playable demo unit for gamers and press reporters.

Lesson Learnt: If your competitors only offer displays and information about their products, giving visitors direct access to your product is an excellent way to attract potential customers to your trade show booth.

2. Lamborghini’s Unavoidably Loud Geneva Exhibition

Lamborghini’s marketing strategy can be reduced to three words: build loud cars. At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Italian automaker used its most recent creation as bait to lure visitors into its booth.

Priced at £2.6 million, the limited edition Veneno drew visitors into Lamborghini’s booth for the entire two-week show. The end result: endless press, huge popularity during the event, and a trade show exhibition that will always be remembered.

Lesson Learnt: If you have a product that’s truly exceptional – an industry leading innovation or eye-catching design – use it to lure visitors into your exhibition.

3. Google’s Cartoonish and Fun Android Exhibition

Google’s Android booth at the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Spain was one of its best marketing ideas. In a sea of bland, ultra-corporate booths designed to market cellphone software, Google’s eye-catching bright green playground stood out.

With giant Android mascots and a large playground slide, Google’s booth screamed ‘fun’ in a room filled with boring exhibitions. An oasis of fun, it was by far the most popular exhibition at the show.

Lesson Learnt: If your company serves an industry that’s known for its staid, bland marketing materials, creating something eye-catching and fun is a fantastic way to stand out in the crowd.

This article was written by Display Wizard, the UK’s top supplier of banner stands, retail displays, and other exhibition equipment.