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Leveling the playing field: Human resources tasks

There seems to be an old debate about whether men or women function better as human resource directors and workers. The truth is each gender brings unique and helpful skills to HR departments. HR is often still a field dominated by women, but open to working with both sexes. The idea of HR has changed over the past several years. Instead of being a position that once required only a high school diploma, employees have generally earned a college diploma by the time they enter the field.

There’s no need to fear HR processes, especially with programs and software from companies like Paycor. Women of all business abilities will be empowered to do a job they really want to do. Here are five functions using Paycor HR software that will make your job as a businesswoman easier.

1. HR Performer

When your company integrates Paycor, you are able to reduce the stress of the HR department and streamline processes and workflows. Instead of using multiple files and mountains of paperwork, everything can be managed online in a simple source. Data no longer takes forever to locate and access. Instead, it’s literally at your fingertips.

2. Running payroll

If you are a small business owner, you may run into employees who disagree with you about paystubs and other benefits. The great part about using a system like Paycor is everything is tracked online. There is no thumbing through file folders to locate one missing pay stub to prove someone was paid. Simply access the online check stubs, which keeps a rolling three-year history. Employees can also use the mobile app to check their earnings, deductions and to access the employee directory.

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3. Keeping track of time off and attendance

No one enjoys the hassle of keeping track of requests for time off, actual time spent off and time cards. Instead, use Paycor to keep track of all of that for you. With applications like Time on Demand, you can you can allow supervisors to manage time and eliminate duplicate entries. ReadyClock is another great application that allows you to easily set up e-time cards, which cuts costs and captures accurate time.

4. Create customizable reports

One of the best features of Paycor is that you can create customizable reports. Your company is unique and you should be able to decide what you see on a report. The Custom Web Reporting application is easy to use. It can create reports in minutes and run reports for multiple years.

Human resources doesn’t need to be a field dominated by women or men. Services like Paycor level the playing field and give women new to the business world a fighting chance at becoming leaders in their industries.


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