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Licensed To Drive: Now Let’s Hit The Road

It’s the moment every teenager dreams—the moment they get their license.

There are smiles and back-slaps, fist bumps and high fives. And then their minds quickly turn to the next dream: buying their first cars.

And while most new drivers envision themselves cruising the highways in new Porches, a used car dealer is where most “first cars” come from.

Here are three reasons it makes sense to buy your first car from a used car dealer:


Let’s face it, brand new cars are expensive. Not very many kids (or parents) can afford to shell out $16,000 or more for a new ride. And that’s just the initial cost.

There are a lot of other “hidden” costs associated with brand new cars:

  • Insurance is much higher cars you’re making payments on
  • Registration (usually costs a lot more)
  • Repairs (to the body, to the engine, to the interior) cost much more.

Used cars cost less—when you buy them and later. Insurance companies don’t always require comprehensive coverage, their registration costs are much lower because they’re older and it’s easier for you or your mechanic to find used or rebuilt parts when things break (and things always break in cars, even new ones).

Bottom line: Buying a used car for your first car saves you a lot of money.

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Every kid who gets their first car wants to make it “theirs.” Some paint the wheels ridiculous colors. Some install ridiculous subs so they can “feel” the bass. Some opt for hydraulic lifts.

These “improvements” are inevitable—kids always enhance their first car. And pre-owned vehicles are easier to make, justify and pay for.

And, when you decide you don’t like the new color, need bigger sub-woofers or no longer need the hydraulics, you can just sell your car. There will be a long line of other kids interested in it—maybe even as their first car.


One of the absolute best reasons to buy your first car from a used car dealer is the relationship you’ll build with him or her.

You’ll get the best service and price possible because they know that if they make you happy, you’ll be back. No one keeps their first car forever, no matter how cool it is.

You’ll also know somebody in the car business. Used car dealers know where to find the best deals on the best cars. So once you get to know them, you can tell them exactly what it is you’re in the market for—a truck, SUV or mini-van (hey, it happens to all of us eventually)—and they’ll work hard to find you something that meets your needs.

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