London Prepares For Summer 2012 Olympics

London Prepares for Summer 2012 Olympics

As London begins receiving the Olympic athletes from over 50 nations, the England city begins to prepare for their important job as host of the summer games. London shops have stocked up with Olympic promotional products and restaurants are ready to serve the extra people flocking to the city this summer. There is a buzz of excitement throughout the city about the games and we are all looking forward to them beginning.

The games begin on July 27th and you can get more information on the sports schedules through the Olympics official website. The official website is also a good place to learn how to get in and around the city during the special events.

London Festivities

To help promote the Olympic Games, London 2012 Festival has been going on since the end of June and continues through September. This festival gives locals and visitors the opportunity to celebrate London through dance, music, theater, fashion, food, art, and film. There are over 10,000 performances going on throughout the festival that feature artists from all over the globe. The festival is a great opportunity to celebrate the many cultures and traditions the Olympics represent.

Hopefully you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of the Olympic promotional products which include key chains, bracelets, pins, hats, and bags. Many of the products don images of popular London destinations like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Undergrounds. People will have no hesitations paying for the products so they can remember their time spent in London during the games.

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Royal Promotion

Prince William and Kate Middleton have also done a great job promoting the upcoming games. They both kicked off the celebrations at the Olympic Gala. The gala received attention world wide because of the Prince and Princesses’ appearance. They will surely be seen throughout the games and will help continue to keep the Olympics on everyone’s minds.

With the games upon them in less than 2 weeks, London continues to put the finishing touches on everything. London will be sure to dazzle visitors and spectators everywhere with its beautiful scenery and unique culture. Tickets are still available for some Olympic events so if you’re lucky enough to be in London check out an event or two. Watching the world’s finest athletes compete in various sporting events is a great opportunity to cheer on your country to victory.

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