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So, Christmas is almost upon us again. You’ve planned the Christmas lunch menu, bought the majority of the presents, put up the tree and decorations and have enough alcohol in store to stock a pub. But what on earth do you give to your husband/wife/partner who has just about everything they need? They don’t need more clothing or CDs, perfume or aftershave. They don’t need another weekend away or the usual tat you buy just because you have to, so what do you get that’s just a little bit different with a bit of a wow factor?

How about a hot tub? Well obviously you can’t magically make it appear in secret so it’s installed without their knowledge, but you can purchase one and have it installed at your leisure. You can show them the website and the model you’ve chosen so it will be something they can look forward to in the New Year and you can almost guarantee no one else on the street will have a present like theirs. In terms of the best model we’d suggest? Why not take a look at what is on offer from, the models which won the 2013 ‘What Spa’ Best Buy award!

When choosing your hot tub present, consider one or two things. How many people will be using it at once so you can go for a model with the right amount of seats. Where you are going to locate it on your property; baring in mind that the smaller more basic models only need a flat surface and access to a power supply before they can be up and running. Also consider your budget. If money is in limited supply you can purchase a fairly basic model that will do all that a hot tub should do but without the frills. If money is no problem then why not go for a larger hot tub in the luxury range that will come complete with a number of accessories. However, whichever model you choose, it’s certainly going to be a fantastic Christmas this year.