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Looking to Upgrade Your Farming Equipment? Here’s Where to Get Started

You don’t want to skip quality by continuing to use outdated farming equipment. Farmers have many more options than they had several decades ago. There are certain places where they should look to find the best selections.

Look for Newer Versions of the Same Model

You can keep the same product that you’ve been using for decades, but update it with a newer model. Continue using the same equipment that you’re familiar with and avoid having to relearn using brand-new parts. Also benefit from new, improved features, such as increased speed, power and durability.

Look Through Classified Ads

Online classified ads provide the largest collection of new and used farming equipment. In major cities, new listings are posted every day, and responses are made within minutes. The search tool allows you to choose a price range and search within a certain number of miles from your home. Compared to retail stores, you’ll find the widest selections and the lowest prices in the classified sections.

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Find a Repairman

Instead of buying new farming equipment, hire a professional to replace the damaged parts. Some farmers upgrade their own equipment, but without experience, the results could be short lived. Find a local repairman who specializes in fixing the specific types of machinery, like tractors or seeders, that you need fixed. After a long, hard season, your machine may need a new engine or battery. After getting repairs, get into the habit of hiring a repair provider to perform maintenance regularly.

Browse Through Farmers’ Resources

Farmers have plenty of resources, including magazines, booklets, blogs and websites, that cater to their industry. These are all places to consider as you look for new and improved equipment to rent or buy. You can review blogs that provide instant updates on the latest equipment and subscribe to their e-newsletters. On agricultural TV channels, you may see TV episodes or commercials that advertise farming machinery. In magazines, some readers find ads and guides for the most innovative equipment.

Many farmers and ranchers still keep old tractors that were damaged after accidents that happened years ago. While the modern farmer should have good equipment, the average one has several-decades-old machines that need the main parts replaced right away. They are satisfied as long as the equipment’s motor runs and does not stop. However, the same equipment works faster and gets more work done when you look for the right resources and make the necessary upgrades.

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