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Back Pain is a common problem from which many suffer. Either it is postpartum, every day at work, home, or other places people complain about back aches. The severity of pain vary, but it has now become a shared health issue. People with back problems always complain about how it affects their work and other day to day activities. There is a sudden increase in people suffering from constant or frequent low back pain problems. Various factors contribute in affecting our back’s posture and bones which eventually leads to back aches and/or other severe problems.

Lower Back Pain

Know Your Back:

Before we move to explaining, what causes lower back pain and how to prevent it, we need to understand how our back is structured. Our back is an intricate and complex foundation that supports major parts of our body. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say our whole upper and lower body is supported by our back bone. Our spine is intricately made by several bones, interlocked to each other to form vertebrae. Ever connection of bones is filled with cartilage known as intervertebral disc. The flexibility of your spine is because of this cartilage. These discs are flat and are glued together with a jelly like substance. The spine is held together through connective tissues called ligaments. The movement and support is because of these complex layers. Within the center runs the spinal cord which links the entire body with the brain.

Who can get Lower Back Pain?

Theirs is really no standard age for people to be affected by lower back pain. Recently, doctors and medical professionals have treated more youngsters with the pain in their backs. The number in fact among young complaining about back problems and pain is growing rapidly. In almost every family setup there is at least one person having some sort of back problem. It sometimes affects the entire family if someone in the family is suffering from constant to occurring from time to time pain. Not just it influences their family life but work and social activity too.

Causes of Lower Back Pain:

Generally, back pain is caused by a number of reasons and for doctors it sometimes gets difficult to find out the root of the problem. Any disturbance in the backbone structure, even that of a tissue, can result in pain and other problems. Normally no substantial damage is caused to the spine if the person experiences only time to time ache. The pain usually arises from muscles and joints. Approximately 61% of Americans experience low back pain. Usually, people aged between 30 to 60 years old are observed to suffer more from lower back pain. It normally results from a muscle strain or from a disc dislocation.

The strain in back muscle is usually the most common cause of minimal to severe lower back pain. People with a tough lifestyle, which includes lifting heavy weights, or rigorous movement like, work out or exercise routine, are more likely to suffer from lower back pain problems. The muscles or ligaments are stretched or torn while you lift heavy weights or continuously work too hard. The severity of your lower back pain varies from bearable, discomforting to acute pain and is dependent on the level of pressure on your lower back muscle. In case of injuries, the tension on your lower back ligaments is extreme resulting in seizures or contraction of the muscle. The most common type of lower back pain is curable and through certain preventive measures can be controlled and healed.


In case you are diagnosed with the kind of lower back pain that is not chronic then the best things to do is rest and cease the activity that caused it.

Properly take the medications as suggested by your doctor and make sure you go for a regular check up to know about the progress in healing of your back problem.

The use of ice and heat pack at initial stages is very common amongst most people as it reduces the intensity of your pain for the time being and lets your back relax in a more calming manner.

There are various exercises that can help improve the condition of lower back pain. It is considered the most effective treatment in curing back pains and aches. Either done at home, a chiropractor or a therapist; it usually consists three basic set of exercises, aerobics, stretching and firming workouts. It is highly recommended to put your body through these workout sessions in a controlled, medically recommended and with the sole purpose of improving your spinal conditions.

There is a growing number of people suffering from lower back problems from a low to chronic level. The best way to avoid this problem is to alter your lifestyle and the way you treat your back bone by sitting, walking or working in a gentle posture. In case you have been suffering from lower back problems for quite a long time then it is highly suggested you seek medical help.