Luminous Building Lights Up Architecture Awards

Steven Holl, Architect extraordinaire and designer of the luminous buildings, has just notified of being awarded the 2012 Architecture Award for the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects. A day before his 60th birthday, Steven was given the call that will give him the highest honour and award from the Architecture society for what his peers have described as a man who constantly pushes forward the boundaries of what is expected by modern architects. The speciality of every design that comes out of the drawing rooms at the Steven Holl Architecture firm is testament to his award in his near perfect handling of space and light within a structure and his ability to meld new structures alongside the old with a deft expertise.

A Career Worthy of Architecture Awards

Steven Holl began his career and passion for architecture after graduating from the University of Washington and then travelled across the world to study architecture in Rome, amongst some of Europe’s most beautiful buildings. After excelling in Italy, he transferred to complete a postgraduate degree from Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, just down the road from luxury property for rent in Covent Garden which has been influenced by many of his work. All of his famous works have been created while passing on knowledge to students at Columbia University, which he has been teaching at since 1981. He has been awarded numerous times from the world’s greatest architecture committees and is still involved heavily in the industry, writing white papers and consistently contributing to the industry. Much of his vision is through his exposure to philosophy and architect theory.  Some of his most famous works include the Pratt Institute Higgins Hall Insertion in Brooklyn where he seamlessly included a new piece with great illumination properties as well as the ‘Horizontal Skyscraper’, Vanke Center in China. His project of the Glasgow School of Art ended with Holl picking up yet another architecture award and following the success in 2009, Steven achieved success in competitions in the same year and the following with two Chinese projects. Steven Holl has made his mark on civil buildings around the world and inspired architects through his use of light and space.

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Awards Won, Buildings Built

The Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects is just the feather in the cap in the career of one of America’s top architects of all time. He has been named in 2001 as Time’s America’s Best Architect and given the architecture awards of Medal of Honour and the French Grande Médaille d’Or in the same year. Steven Holl has been awarded numerous times for his contribution to the industry, all the way up till his latest award. Without a doubt he is a testament to the architecture genius of the America’s with over 15 architecture awards from all over the world. 

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