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Are you trying to find a new designer bag to go with your Linda Macdonald jewellery or do you honestly think there is something wrong with people who would even consider paying thousands of pounds for a luxury bag? Do you wonder why they wouldn’t get a similar bag on the high street from an independent retailer instead? Science might be able to provide an answer.

The Animal Instinct of Belonging to a Group

Research shows that people with an obsession for wearing only designer clothes and bags, unconsciously do so to fit in – and to stand out. This might seem contradictive, but it all has to do with our animal clan instinct. Just like animals show off their best feathers and growls during the mating season, human beings show off their status in a group by appearance. Unaware of her unconscious motifs, the human female can spend 1000’s of pounds on a leather designer bag unconscious of her main intent to become the lead dominant and most attractive female of her group. Add to this expensive outfits and jewellery collections to dress the body, along with different colours of make-up and nail polish to enhance beauty and fit into a group – only to try to be the one who best stands out from it.

Fake Bags, Do You Mind?

Then there is the entire issue of copied designer bags for the manufacturers of the original bags. Find your Gussi or Lou Vuito along the beach on your holiday for a few quid. In a way this is nothing but free marketing for the original bags and just adds to people’s urge to possess the original instead. If you’re happy with a bag that will probably last you a few seasons and looks more or less like an original, you’re best off with a fake bag. That is in case you don’t care about people’s opinions on what you do or what you wear. Unfortunately most people do care and in certain social groups it is looked upon as very undesirable to wear fake brands. Your best bet in this case is to go for a brand that is known but affordable, such as Kath Kidston.

Does The Quality Actually Differ Between a Designer Bag and an Ordinary High Street Bag?

Are you planning to use your bag for 10 years or more? A good quality bag, designer or not, will last for many years, depending on the damage you expose it to of course. You will probably be best off with purchasing a bag in the middle cost region, one that is of good quality but of a brand that doesn’t aim to target celebrities. If you buy a bag that costs more than £200 you have started to pay for the honour of wearing the brand, not the bag. You might want to ask yourself why you should pay for helping marketing a company? Which is essentially what you are doing when paying to wear a brand. Do you like their ethical standards? Do you admire the owners? The lucky branded company can save millions on marketing campaigns as it’s got so many people showing off their products and how desirable it is to wear them.

When it all comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter what bag you wear, as long as you are confident and feel happy about your choice.

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