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Keeping your car looking good – inside and out – is beneficial for the longterm protection of your investment. Look after your cars bodywork and upholstery can help to retain it’s resale value longer.

It can get quite expensive to regularly pay for your car to be professionally cleaned so why not make a one off investment and buy the necessary products yourself?  That way you can clean your car thoroughly and keep a check on bodywork scratches and road film build up. You can also save a bit of money too by not having to fork out five pounds a week.  The pride that you feel when looking at a newly cleaned car that you’ve done yourself, can’t be beaten.

What’s available
There is an enormous range of products that you can buy to keep your car’s exterior gleaming; shampoo, polish, rain repellant, colour restorers, wax, scratch remover, detailing products, exterior trim cleaner, bug and tar remover, glass cleaner, tyre shine, wheel cleaners and many more amazing products. You don’t have to buy all them items, you only need a few but they are yours to keep, so you can use them wherever and whenever you want to. Another benefit to having these products is that you know you’ve done a good job and other than water and wax, the garages don’t use anything else, so what are you paying a fiver for?

Some of the products you can buy for interior use are; dash cleaners, upholstery spray cleaners, leather cleaners, carpet cleaners, air con cleaners, handy wipes and a whole host more products that could be mentioned. Air Fresheners are also available to keep your car smelling clean and fresh.

Purchasing car cleaning gift sets that include a bucket, a variety of sponges and clothes along with one or two cleaning products  is a cheap and convenient way to purchase everything you need to clean your car and all of your products can be easily stored in the bucket. Pressure washers can be used for washing your car, they are very useful for removing the brake dust build up from your alloys, but you do need to take care on delicate areas such as roof ariels or trim, alternatively a hosepipe is more than adequate to use.  If you thoroughly wet your car exterior first before you start washing with soapy water, you can remove a lot of surface dust and you may find you can remove dried-on dirt easier after a good soak.

Safety and security
If you’re concerned about the safety of yourself or passengers travelling in your car, or you just want to make sure your car is secure then why not purchase some safety items too? They range from steering wheel clamps, van locks and travel first aid kits. There are also winter survival kits on the market just in case you break down in a remote area or can’t get home in the snow. You may have to sleep in your car for the night so these kits are great in these situations, they contain a torch, blanket, de-icer, heat packs, a spade and much more.

Don’t be caught out, equip your car and keep it looking great all year round.

This article was written on behalf of, by Jason Watkins.