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When you’re riding in a limousine, the reason why you’re there suddenly seems like a very moot point. You’re not focusing on where you’re going, you’re focusing on how you’re getting there. Riding in a limousine lends an unmistakable air of class and regal divinity among other patrons both on the road and spectators on the sidewalk. Make the most of your night in the limousine of your choosing.

What Amenities are you looking for?
Standard limousines are all outfitted with plush leather interiors, spacious seating arrangements and presence of elegance, style, wealth and power. But those are just standards, as a consumer you have the ability to make requests for various amenities, colors, shapes and sizes. Let’s review some of those amenities that can help make your evening truly unforgettable. Some people are going for a party atmosphere and some people are going for subtle class, either way there are amenities for you.

State of the art sound systems are a common upgrade request. With a sound system like this you can wrap yourself in the comforts of the music of your choosing. Roll down the windows and share your choices with the world or utilize the surround sound to encompass you and your guests in a world of their own.

Fully functional, top of the line command centers are available for those whose jobs require travel but don’t afford the time to do so without being in the know. Even if you’re required to work during your limousine ride, make a memorable evening with this command center that allows the passenger to respond to emails, answer phone calls and schedule meetings quickly and efficiently.

100% True Relaxation during your Evening

For some true relaxation, ask for the hot tub feature because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to soak their bone weary body in a warm cocoon of jet streams and heat? And, it’s not every day that you can tell your friends you soak in a Jacuzzi while you glided through the streets of downtown.

Sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy a drink without the hustle and bustle of a bar or a club. Some limousines can be outfitted with a full-service wet bar and even an attendant to mix your drinks for you. Since each limo already comes with a designated driver, invite a few friends or just a close loved one and relax while you take a scenic tour of the city.

While you’re sipping on your drink and stretched out in the spacious seats, enjoy a movie from satellite TV or a previously requested DVD. With options like these, why wouldn’t you choose to relax in a limo?

Making memories is often the goal of people who take the initiative to rent a limousine. They choose the features that fit into the ideal evening they have pictured, put all the pieces of the puzzles together and then they reap the benefits of their hard work. Those memories are ones that are engrained in their brains and more important, in their hearts for a lifetime.

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