Make Do And Mend?

Make Do And Mend?

It’s now 4 years since banks started to fold and the world was plunged into the worst financial crisis we have seen for decades. Recovery has been slow, and many families are still feeling the pinch in their pockets when shopping, with prices seeming to rise far faster than wages are increasing. We are as a nation having to change our mindset when it comes to buying things, as we simply do not have the money to replace goods frequently. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

Buy as Good as You Can Afford

The rise of fast fashion chains in the high street and clothing departments in supermarkets means that we can pick up a new outfit for just a few pounds. It’s no great surprise though that the dress which cost £5 is misshapen and faded after a couple of washes. Wouldn’t it be better to buy a more expensive dress which will last longer? Fashion experts advise working out what something will cost per wear. For example, that £5 dress which you wear twice has cost £2.50 each time you wear it. A £100 dress which you wear once a week for a year has only cost £2 per wear, and is probably still looking great. Buy classic pieces which will not date when fashion changes.

Kids Clothing

When you have a new baby it’s tempting to rush out and buy an entirely coordinated wardrobe in pink or blue, but it’s easy to forget just how quickly babies grow. Rather than buying pink or blue, go for white, yellow or green shades made by brands such as Mini A Ture which can be easily used for more than one child. The concept of hand-me-downs is not a new one, and mums regularly pass round bags of clothing to each other once their children have grown out of them. This can be a great way of getting some new clothes for your kids, and of course they can be passed on once again.

Second Hand

The trade in second hand or vintage clothing has never been stronger, and most of us have come to realise that buying good quality second hand is better than buying a cheap garment new. Sites such as Ebay and the specialist retailers dedicated to selling clothing make it much easier to trade in your clothing for cash, and the key is to remember that some brands sell better than others. A lovely outfit from Mini A Ture is going to fetch more than something from Asda or Primark, for example. Car boot sales can also be an excellent place to pick up some bargains for children or adults.


Many of us lack the skills to fix a broken zip or take up a pair of trousers that are too long, so seek out a local dressmaker or seamstress to do these jobs for you. It is far more economical to pay £10 to have a new zip put in a jacket than pay £50 for a new jacket entirely. There are also many websites and videos online to show you step by step how to complete these tasks.

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Little World Online offer a great range of children’s clothing which is both timeless and wears well including the range of Mini A Ture clothing from this Scandinavian fashion house.

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