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Merchandising a store is one of the most effective things you can invest in to move merchandise. You want to create an atmosphere that’s clean, inviting and easy to shop. These are the most important things for any retail space. Retail shop owners know that retail space is pricey. You may be working with a lot less room than you’d like. If this is the case, consider investing in a grid wall to utilize wall space while creating an interesting merchandising focal point.

  • Set up the wall by color story. Each season the color trends change. Why not prominently display the color of the season on one wall with a grid wall. You can hang pieces on the wall that are various shades of one color. Right now, tangerine has been deemed the It color by Pantone. A lively wall of orange hues creates an exciting retail space that adds color.
  • Display trends. Print pants are everywhere right now. As the trends change, latch on to that and change out the grid wall. This shows customers what’s hot and new right now. Items that are prominently displayed usually make the most money. Give the grid wall a healthy mix of affordable and pricey items.
  • Display full outfits. When people are in a rush, they are likely to run into your store after work and snag an outfit that’s already put together. You’re the expert after all! Choose to display full outfits on a grid wall. You can even utilize hangers for bags and hats to complete the look. Sometimes seeing an outfit styled altogether gives the client a clear idea of how a trend should be worn.

Grid walls are easy to install and best of all, it is very easy for employees to switch them out regularly. Map out all of the themes for the wall at the beginning of the month and have it change each week, preferably in the middle of the week. This means a new wall will be on display each weekend whether it’s for foot traffic or regular clients. You want your customers to know you’re the fashion authority in the area. This means you have to keep things fresh and exciting for customers.

Grid walls look great on white walls or colored walls. They also work with many different themes in stores, whether you have a traditional look or more modern décor. Grid walls are also very inexpensive and cost effective. You get an affordable, easy way to display a lot of merchandise at once. What else could you ask for?

Once your employees get the hang of styling the grid wall, they will be eager to make the project their own. For valuable employees with a great sense of style, this is a smart way to utilize their talents while changing the look of the store on a regular basis. Always make sure that apparel and accessories on the wall are merchandised nearby so clients don’t have an issue finding them.

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