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Make This Year Your Summer Of Fun And Try A New Sport

Summer is a fantastic time to try a new sport so you can flex your muscles and enjoy the fresh air at the same time. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are four sports to sample this summer.

Beach volleyball
All you need is a net, a ball and a few mates to enjoy a game and increase strength and fitness. Because of the vertical jumping involved, don’t be tempted to play in your bare feet. You need something to absorb the shock to your ankles and there are lots of womens and mens sports trainers around that will give you the proper support.

Best done before breakfast, zorbing involves rolling down a big hill inside a large inflatable ball. Unless you have your own equipment, you need to get properly organised for this activity; check out local outdoor activity centres for details of where you can try this. Apart from the huge adrenaline rush, it’s a great test of core strength and you will be laughing your head off the whole way down.

You can do this for free in your local neighbourhood, just find a tree and get climbing. But do make sure that the tree is safe and that you can get back down first – the fire brigade takes a dim view of rescuing cats from trees, let alone humans. Or take the easy route and go to a high ropes tree top climbing centre, they will provide full training and equipment. Climbing is good for agility and strength training and the views can be pretty great.

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If you can’t afford to jet off to the summer snow fields, why not give dry slope skiing a go? It’s a brilliant way to work your upper and lower body at the same time. What’s more you don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment. There are artificial slopes in most regions so you won’t need to travel far. Just make sure you cover your arms, legs and hands in case you slip because you can get some nasty grazes on bare flesh.

So with the right footwear and an open mind, you can shape up your summer to be one to remember – new friends, better physical fitness and plenty to do to keep your mind off the intermittent sunshine. Just make sure you don’t accidentally fall out of a tree!

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