Make Your Eyes Pop

Make Your Eyes Pop

Circle Lenses are becoming a new fashion trend. In a world where everyone wants to look their best, these lenses are adding the pizzazz to the previously unexciting world of contact lenses. Not everyone is lucky enough to have good eyesight, and that means corrective lenses of some sort. So many people find it uncomfortable having glasses on their faces every day all day long. For some it is a matter of cosmetics. Face it, glasses aren’t exactly a huge fashion statement.

Contact lenses have been around a lot longer than people might think. In 1887 the first contact lens was made from glass and it was made to cover the person’s entire eye. By 1939 contact lenses were now being made from plastic. In 1948 these plastic lenses were now being designed to only cover the cornea of the eye.

The invention of soft contact lenses gave people a much more comfortable option, these were introduced in 1971.  It’s hard to believe that soft contacts have been around for that many years. These changes over the years have made it much easier to correct your eyesight while still maintaining your natural appearance without wearing glasses.

In 1987 the disposable contact lens made it’s debut allowing people to wear their contacts for a short period of time and then just throw them away. By this time contacts had really evolved from the ancient glass lenses to lenses that could simply be thrown away after wearing them for a short time.

Being told your eyesight is not what it used to be isn’t what anyone wants to hear. And the thought of glasses riding on your face doesn’t make the situation any better. That’s why contact lenses are and have been a great option.

But now, the options are even better. Circle lenses will not only correct your vision without the use of glasses, but they are a fashion statement as well. Your eyes will never look better. These lenses will make your eyes pop!  The difference between them and regular contact lenses is the fact that they are extra wide cosmetic lenses. They make the eyes look larger with the way they are tinted. And they allow you to choose the color of your eyes.

The circle lenses are a fun way to enhance your looks. A person’s eyes are one of the first things you notice about them. Sometimes a person’s eyes stand out because they are tiny and may look like they don’t fit their face. These lenses immediately make the eyes look larger by covering more of the white of the eye.

If you need to correct your vision and would like bigger looking eyes then these lenses are a great choice.

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