Make Your Home More Secure: 7 Top Security Tips:

Security should be of the utmost concern for all homeowners, particularly homeowners who are raising a family – we all do our utmost to comply with the legal requirements for installing fire alarms, and we all tend to lock the door at night, however what about some of the other, less popular, security measures you can implement to ensure that both you and your family are safe at night?

In this post we will run through some basic tips for securing your home and your family.

Most burglaries occur at night!
Most burglaries occur at night and over the weekend and what’s more, most burglaries are performed by amateurs i.e. not professional thieves. That said, there are some basic principles you can adhere to to ensure that your home is always safe and secure.

Take care of the basics:
The first thing you should do when you move into a new property is to change all the locks and ensure that doors and windows are ALWAYS locked whenever you leave the property vacant, even for a short while or for a trip down to the shops. Believe it or not, most burglars watch and research the property prior to entering – if you live on an affluent street or a poor area, you are obviously more susceptible.

Install a burglar alarm, the right way:
When installing burglar alarms, conceal all of the wiring – burglars are just looking for an opportunity to disconnect alarm systems so don’t give them one. Always read consumer reviews from trusted sources prior to opting for a particular alarm system.

Don’t leave a key in an “obvious” place:
You would be amazed how many burglaries occur as a result of the owner of the property leaving the key to the front door under the doormat – it’s such a common tactic, and even the less able among the burglar fraternity will look there first.

Rather than leaving the key around for prying eyes to find, simply wrap it in foil and bury it in a place where it’s easily accessed by you or your family but conspicuous enough so a burglar would never think to look.

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Don’t leave a note for the delivery man:
Much like the point above, this is also a similar cause of many burglaries in the UK – don’t leave delivery or entry instructions for the mail man – it’s a bit of an obvious sign that both no-one is in the property and worse, what areas of the property are free to access.

Get a dog:
Dogs are a fantastic deterrent for burglars – the last thing a burglar wants to do is draw attention to their crime. Keep in mind however that there’s a vast difference between a pet dog and a trained guard dog; your dog may like to make a lot of noise, however you don’t really want to get to the stage where they welcome a burglar into your home.

Protect Your Windows:
Rather than using a single pane of glass, use multiple panes – alternatively it may be worth installing burglar-resistant glass.

This has been a basic introduction to what should ultimately be some common sense tips for protecting your home – that said, it’s amazing how often these are neglected Take these basic precautions and your home will be safer than the vast majority of homes out there.

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