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Having an Indian wedding in the coming season? Wondering how to make your wedding, the most talked out event in your town? Worried that you will have to do something expensive to make your wedding memorable? Don’t worry about it because you can easily do simple things and make your wedding an affair to remember.

Make Your Indian Wedding An Affair To Remember

Mementos for your guests

You need to heave a huge sigh when you hear that giving away mementos will make your wedding unique and memorable. Little things add up, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are two suggestions: (1) Hire a photographer to capture candid shots of your guests. In fact, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer, one of your friends who is also close to the family can do the task. In fact, that would be a better idea because your friend will know when to get that candid shot and your guests will be more comfortable around him/her. Give your friend a point and shoot camera or a throw away camera, just for the event. Get the candid shots printed and present them to the guests. People will definitely love them, especially if they carry candid/funny/humorous shot of themselves or their kids. (2) Take interesting snaps of pre-wedding ceremonies and preparations for the wedding. It can even include shopping, spa and salon visits; make it something like a movie. Make hundreds of copies of the CD with photos of both of you on the cover. It would be something people would love to take back home. You can easily click these pictures with the help of point and shoot cameras and then assign one of your friends to make a home video and take prints of the completed CD. It need not be anything professional.

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Kids’ area

An Indian wedding is an event where people get together to catch up with each other. In Indian families, families bring their kids along too. However, kids do not enjoy these events as much as adults do because they will get instantly bored and make everyone else frustrated too. You can make a small play area in the wedding hall where you can install kids’ playthings. A couple of swings, slides and play tents should be just fine. Your coordinator will help you get those. It will keep the kids busy for a while and your guests will no longer have to worry about them. They will invent their own games with their new friends and amuse themselves without getting under your feet. Have some blocks and legos ready for the toddlers. If you can afford it, you can have a small snack bar where children can amuse themselves with ice-creams, soft drinks and chocolates.

Make a bang with your exit

This is where sparklers and streamers come in. You should definitely make your exit memorable with streamers and balloons, if possible. If you are getting married at night, then you have several innovative ways to make a bubbling exit. Light the area with candles, roll out the red carpet and your friends will lead the way to your car.