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Making Headlines – Scrap Car Companies And Their Disposal Duties

Second only to a buying a house, buying a car is perhaps one of the biggest financial decisions many of us stand to make in our lives.  Providing us with a (currently unrivalled) form of freedom, our cars are often indispensible in our daily lives; allowing us to get to and from work each and every day and making possible those weekend trips away.

Those who have suffered an accident or damaged their car, however, could find themselves not only deprived of their mode of transport, but also lumbered with a number of astronomic and unforeseen garage repair bills – the price of which often exceeding the value of the car.

Unable to afford a new car without recouping some of the costs from their newly-written-off vehicle, car owners can find themselves in bit of hot water.  Difficult to sell at the best of times, damaged or broken scrap cars in Manchester see owners standing to suffer heavy financial losses – or at least, they used to do…

Providing a solution that’s growing in popularity, scrap car companies in Manchester have seen a steady increase in business.  Taking the hassle out of those often lengthy and difficult-to-manage car disposal methods and allowing car owners to sell their car scrap cars and recover some of the costs, the scrap car services in Manchester also help tackle a greater problem, having emerged from a growing need to ensure that better recycling and adequate waste disposal methods are made more readily available.

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Undermining the work undertaken by the reputable scrap car firms in Manchester however, a number of scrap car companies have lately hit headlines for their inability to properly dispose of – and recycle – the materials gathered from the cars they receive.

It seems that the scrap car industry still suffers from the same issues that affect the waste disposal industry as a whole.  Failing to adhere to environmental policy and duping their clients with incorrectly displayed Environment Agency and DVLA logos, corrupt scrap car companies have been operating illegally, with no guarantee that vehicles are being properly de-polluted, scrapped and recycled.

Addressing this issue, the government has recently published a public warning to those looking to scrap their cars, highlighting the problem of illegal, unlicensed scrap car metal dealers that continue to operate across the country.

With Manchester’s recycling schemes and scrap car companies working hard to reverse the industry’s tarnished image and restore public confidence, these recent headlines do serve to highlight the need for car owners to look in greater detail at the services their scrap car company provide and to better educate themselves in these disposal methods if changes are to be made.

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