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New build construction projects are widespread throughout the UK, as private and public sector firms look to fulfill the significant demand for housing. While this may achieve one goal, however, it means that contemporary structures are particularly small and force owners to think creatively in order to maximize their space. By taking proactive steps to optimise the layout of your property, you can ensure that your home remains clutter free and perfectly maintained.

With this in mind, what practical ideas can you implement to maximise the space within your home? Consider the following: –
Ÿ  Go to the Ceiling with Storage: Storage is a key consideration when looking to maximise a small kitchen space, and a capacity for creative thinking will stand you in good stead. Cabinets and units can be extended to the ceiling, for example, which often doubles the volume of space that you have to store items. While the top shelves may be difficult to reach, they are ideal for items that are used rarely or on irregular, special occasions. In addition to this, remember that wall space can also be used for storage thanks to hanging pots and innovative mounted tools.

Consider the Use of Multi-Purpose Appliances: Appliances are a key feature of your kitchen space, and it is important that they take up as little room as possible. For those of you with a particularly small kitchen, it is worth considering the use of multi-purpose or dual function appliances that help to save space and reduce energy consumption. Combined washing machines and tumble dryers provide a relevant example of this, as do fridge freezer units that fuse two individual appliances within one.

Ÿ  Use Colour to Create the Illusion of Space: As the space in new build homes has continued to diminish, people have discovered the benefits of colour in creating the illusion of space. The theory behind this is that clean colours make any space appear bigger, while bold and striking tones can seem particularly oppressive in a small kitchen. This is a simple and cost effective method of maximising space, simply because you will need to paint your new kitchen during the course of refurbishment.

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