Making Your Wardrobe Work With ‘The British Summer’

Making Your Wardrobe Work With ‘The British Summer’

The British summer has thrown up a number of challenges for people looking to stay stylish, while still avoiding the rain, and unpredictable weather. There are several ways in which you can make your wardrobe work while still being stylish, whether that means adapting a look through layers and accessories, or by the use of the right all weather materials, and lengths. In addition, it’s important to select the right foot wear, as well as to consider the benefits of knitwear as a good way to stay on trend as the weather gets cooler in September and October.


Wearing a few different layers is always a good option during the summer, and especially when the weather might suddenly shift from sun to rain. Trench coats are a useful way to overlay different outfits. Lightweight, and easily matched with the rest of an outfit, or made to stand out, a trench can mean that you stay dry without adding too much to an outfit. At the same time, a cardigan or short jacket can work well with a dress, while black tights can be added to a skirt in the event of colder weather.


Having a few handy accessories around you is a good idea during the summer, and particularly when you never know what situation you might be facing on your commute, or when out and about. A bright scarf can be a useful way to create an impact with an outfit, and can also be wrapped up as a bandanna on windy days. Small umbrellas are another option that can be easily added to an outfit. Moreover, it’s worth considering some current hat trends for extra protection from the elements, whether that includes cowboy hats, retro clothe hats, or fedoras.

Pick the Right Materials and Lengths

You can go a long way towards making your wardrobe work for the British summer by picking the right kind of materials and clothes lengths. Waterproof coats are ideal, but work best with trenches, rather than full length coats. Similarly, mesh and pleated looks, as well as perforated fabrics, can allow you to breathe while still having some protection from the cold. The maxi dress, one of the most popular wardrobe choices of the year for its versatility, can also help here.

Good Foot Wear

Flexible foot wear is ideal if you do get caught out by the weather, and doesn’t necessarily mean a significant change from your everyday wardrobe. Sandals and heels can be a problem compared to the use of tall and flat boots, or boots with a heel, which can keep you comfortable without losing out on style. Chelsea style retro boots are also a popular trend this year, and can be wearable across different situations.


Another useful option for the British summer, and the coming Autumn, is to experiment with knitwear as a key part of a wardrobe. This can mean having lighter cardigans and cashmere that can be worn over tops and dresses, or experimenting with knitwear jumpers and floral prints that can build up layers, and work towards chunkier cardigans and other items for the colder months of the year.

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