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Managing Light and Visibility in the Workplace

Your employees need light in order to see what they are doing. This means that you need to take the lighting inside your office seriously so that employees can do their work efficiently. Even if they work primarily on computers, a properly managed ambience of lighting inside your office will be more efficient and more productive while on the clock. The following are some lighting issues you may want to address.

Scaling Your Lighting Needs

Some rooms in your office might seem darker than others. Putting in overhead florescent lights can help to expand the reach of light throughout a room and provide more illumination. Lamps and other sources of light near work stations can help to ensure that adequate lighting is available to employees for performing tasks closer to where they are busy working. Additionally, these varying sources of light can give employees more control over the amount of light they want to use when working.

Window Glare

A lot of times the sun can pierce through a window and blind someone with a flood of photons. Though this is usually only temporary, being blinded by the sun can become a problem in some buildings. To address this problem, it is easy to install external shutters from a company like Shutterflex to help keep the glare caused by the sun out of your worker’s eyes.

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Eye Strain

Poor lighting in a room or area can make a person squint or strain their vision. This can also cause people to get dry eyes or other eye problems. By providing adequate light where employees need to be, you can cut down on eye strain and other problems that unnecessarily stress the eyes.

When Lighting Is Too Low

Some rooms are far too dim for the work being done. At other times your employees might even turn the lights off to have higher contrast when viewing a computer monitor. Unfortunately, overly dim or off lights in a room can cause the brain to start shutting down and become sleepy. Reasonably bright light is important for serotonin production and keeping awake enough to remain efficiently productive on the job.


Light is an essential part of making vision possible and helping it to function correctly. Adequate and adjustable light sources help to accommodate many work-related scenarios. By updating the lighting in your office, you will be empowering your employees to operate more efficiently and produce more. This means you will be getting more out of your employees in return for the wages you are paying them.

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