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After a long week working hard what could be better than an hour long massage to unwind, relax and let go? How about having that sensual, relaxing feeling, reducing the stiffness and soreness in your muscles and joints and have your body receive what it needs to become stronger and healthier? This may seem like a pipe dream, but in fact studies have shown that it is very much a reality? Read on to find out more about how receiving regular massages can save your life and leave you feeling great and looking better.

The Best Workout Ever

It has been shown that as well as feeling great, relieving soreness, swelling and stiffness, massage can cause a number of benefits to your physique that you wouldn’t expect.

  1. Making you stronger and faster – massage has been shown to increase muscle tone and joint flexibility.
  2. Decreasing Recovery Time – the increased flow of nutrients to muscles and joints accelerates recovery from both fatigue and injury and decreases your bodies susceptibility to cramps.
  3. Reduces muscle loss brought on by long periods of inactivity.
  4. Regenerates skin tissue, prevents wrinkles, improves skin tone and elasticity and increases the skins access to nutrients through increased blood flow.
  5. Improved body alignment
  6. Improves respiratory muscles – leading to better vital capacity.

How Healthy Living Should Be

Massaging acts on more than just your skin and muscles, it actually has been shown to have a remarkable affect on the hormone and nervous system as well as the body’s organs

  1. Increasing the number of red blood cells and blood flow. These factors lead to an increased flow of oxygen and nutrients, as well as quicker elimination of metabolic waste products
  2. Reduced blood pressure – a major factor of heart attacks or strokes
  3. Stimulates the immune system – you get ill less and recover quicker.
  4. Increased retention of phosphorus and sulphur aids in bone repair
  5. Improves the kidneys action
  6. Can act as a cure for insomnia and promotes a better sleeping pattern
  7. Relieves constipation

Helping You Think More Clearly

The mental benefit of massage goes further than just mental relaxation, the benefits displayed below could be the extra boost your personal or professional life needs.

  1. Decreased anxiety and stress
  2. Improved energy levels
  3. Improved concentration, creativity and clarity when thinking
  4. Promotes self acceptance and self confidence
  5. Reduces feelings of isolation

So there you have it, if the relaxation and satisfaction of a massage isn’t enough – just think of one of the other many benefits and get out there and get pampered.

This article was written by Jacob Catt who strongly recommends visiting Christi Reiki Master – a Bristol based massage practitioner.