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If you want to make sure that your children will have a nice set of teeth when they grow up, they will need a proper orthodontic treatment from age 11 to 15. Until the baby teeth of your child are gone, there is little that you can do to manipulate the permanent teeth of your child.  Sometimes the baby teeth of your child need to be extracted to ensure that there is a free space that will provide a room for the permanent teeth to grow.  If you have approached a dentist regarding this matter, it is more likely that they will refer you to an orthodontist for a second opinion.

It is advisable for you to contact an orthodontist if your child is already approaching 11.  After the orthodontist has visited, he will give you a confirmation that everything is on track.  After a year or two, the orthodontist will come back to perform a check-up on your child’s teeth.  It is only after the permanent teeth have emerged completely that the orthodontists will be able to give recommendations.

Middle School and High School Years – Time for Orthodontic Care

It is very important to send your child to orthodontic treatment during middle school and high school years. This is the time when they are trying to build their self-confidence but they can’t do that if they can’t even smile with confidence just because they have crooked teeth.  Before, correcting crooked teeth is only done by using metal braces which could make your child uncomfortable because of the sight of these braces.  Today, there are many types of braces that you can choose to correct your child’s teeth.

Different Types of Braces

  1. 1.      Clear Braces:  The clear braces technology through the use of a series of gradually changing plastic moulds.  These moulds will gradually correct the arrangement of your teeth that will enable you to wear a perfect smile.  With this method, your teeth will be straightened which will give you the opportunity to smile with confidence which could be a start of your self-confidence development.


  1. 2.      Metal Braces:  This is the traditional most affordable type of braces and it also follows the same principle as its plastic counterparts.  It might be unsightly when you are wearing it but you should always remember that you are using it so that you can wear a perfect smile in the future.

Once you have decided to undergo an orthodontic treatment, you should always put in mind that this decision will help you improve your smile. Once your teeth are straightened you need to keep it healthy, clean and white so that you can wear the sweetest smile in front of the people.

You should also make sure that you have consulted an orthodontist before choosing a particular type of braces for your teeth. They are professionals and they will be able to make the best recommendation and advice about what type of braces is appropriate for you. After you have done that, you will have the confidence that your teeth will be corrected in just a matter of time.

Sometimes the permanent teeth of your child need to be straightened and if you are looking for super smile orthodontists that will fix your child’s teeth through the use of invisible braces from super smile clinic, please feel free to contact us.