Mismatching Colors In Home Décor Is The Latest Trend

In recent years many different styles of interior design have emerged and, in all their differences, became equally popular. Basically, there was something to suit everyone’s taste. One of the most prominent motifs in various decorating styles is definitely the use of mismatched colors and patterns that spread from the clothing trends to the interior of one’s home.

Living room

One can really go wild when it comes to the living room décor. In all honesty, there are a lot of possibilities to incorporate colors and patterns here. You can also decide on the level of contrasting colors you would like to have. For example, one can keep things fairly simple but still striking with the use of bold colors for furniture and another bold color for walls or curtains. On the other hand, those who love a feeling of having something more going on can add wallpapers with patterns that suit their personality the best. As an example, yellow or orange furniture or furniture details, turquoise rug and black and white geometrical patterns on the walls provide very urban and modern feel to the living room. Moreover, one can turn to colorful accessories to spice up the whole look of this part of their homes.


It might seem that bedrooms are a bit tricky business for using the mismatching colors trend but the truth is you can achieve the look you want and still have the necessary peace for rest if you opt for using pastel, toned down or muted shades. Going for the pastel color for cabinets such as pale blue would actually look really nice contrasted to the maroon shade of walls while the extra touch can be achieved with white accessories and details. Furthermore, the possibility of using pillowcases and bed sheets with elaborate patterns can create the atmosphere fit for royalty in anyone’s bedroom.

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Many designers agree that bathroom is the most important room in every home. This is the place to relax, and unwind in after a long day. Therefore, it needs special approach when it comes to décor in order to become a true place where you can have some peace and serenity. Using tiles of different colors and patterns is the first thing that comes to mind, but why stop there? Wood is used in bathroom decoration progressively in the past few years, and it presents a great contrast with tiles in terms of both material and color. What’s more, using curtains of striking colors or painting the cabinets in prominent shades such as the bright shade of blue can really contribute to the atmosphere and appeal of even the smallest bathrooms.


When it comes to kitchen décor, again, one may unleash full creativity. Kitchen can be transformed in a true work of art, especially since many companies such as Beyond Bright that deal with interior décor expanded their offers to trendy, mismatched, shabby chic, modern, retro and many other styles one can choose from. Combining wood and metals for cabinets and worktops has been a really big hit recently but adding colors to the kitchen and dining area was the factor that made all the difference. Achieving this interesting look can be really easy and budget-friendly if you opt for painting the ceiling and chairs in bright colors, or it can turn to be quite a project if you think that you would feel better in kitchen that is full of colorful bits and pieces. This is easily achievable by including cutlery and pots of different colors as both cooking tools and effective accessories.

One might feel unsure about this mismatching trend at first but thanks to various magazines and online blogs it is fairly easy to take a look at finished projects and get the idea for one’s own interior décor that would enlighten and freshen up entire home with effective use of colors and patterns that would go perfectly with the owner’s sensibility.

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