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Mobile Applications: Fitting Health And Fitness Into Your Life

In recent years, the world has seen an incredible growth in mobile technology.  Undoubtedly, this has made a huge impact on almost all walks of life.  Its emergence has improved communications, business, and entertainment and has enhanced and simplified the way people make transactions and access a variety of information.

Mobile Technology and Health Care Convergence
With the accessibility of a wide variety of mobile applications practically created for every purpose, a lot of individuals have seen an opportunity to monitor their health and fitness, while saving on the cost of health care.

Consumers have been confronting challenges of rapidly rising health care and insurance costs that a shift has been made to emphasize health care management, wellness, prevention, and lifestyle change.  With the development of a new generation of smart phones with mobile applications designed to monitor your health,  help you lose weight, track your heart beat, be your personal trainer, make healthy lifestyle choices, among others — keeping track of your health and fitness is never a problem anymore. It is not expensive either.

Your Personal Trainer: Mobile Applications for Health and Fitness Monitoring
Countless mobile applications for tracking your health and fitness have become very helpful tools in your quest for a healthy lifestyle.  The following are a few examples of these valuable applications that are available for both iOS and Android users.

1. Loseit!
This is a free application available to iOS users designed to assist users in keeping track of their calories consumed.  It helps you make intelligent choices while eating out by providing nutritional information on menus offered by many well-known fast food chains and restaurants. It tracks your physical activity, monitors your caloric intake and records calories burned while working out.

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2. iBody
If you have used the Loseit! Application which is available for free, but would want to go beyond by adding additional functions such as recording your heart rate and monitoring your blood pressure, you can avail of iBody.  Ibody is available for iOS users at $9.99.

3. AllSports GPS
AllSports GPS, available for Android users at $9.99, tracks your work-out information.  It records calories burned, distance traveled, and your average speed.   It also monitors your caloric intake through its calorie counter.  This has a share function, allowing you to share your progress with friends and family.

4.  Endomono Sports Tracker
This application, available for Android users, is a joy for running enthusiasts. The Sports Tracker records jogging routes and keeps track and provides audio feedback for your speed per mile or kilometer.  It also keeps a history of your lap times and saves your music playlists.  This application also allows you to enter into little friendly competitions with your friends and share and compare the results of your workouts on Facebook.

5. Food & Nutrition Tracker
The Food & Nutrition Tracker, available for Android users, can be used hand in hand with the Endomono Sports Tracker if your ultimate goal is to lose weight. This application provides valuable nutritional information on thousands of foods which will help you in making healthy food choices, while you work out, to help you eventually achieve your weight loss goals.

As smart phones become increasingly sophisticated, fitness and health monitoring has never been easier. Applications are being developed every single day making it easier for you to embrace a healthy lifestyle and avoid or perhaps minimize future expensive health care issues.

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