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Mold removal remains at the forefront of environmental studies throughout the nation due its considerable potential of health and structural hazard. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has issued some pointers on how to identify the signs of water damage, which can indicate mildew and mold.

Mold Health Issues

There are many potentially harmful effects associated with mold. Since they are ubiquitous within the atmosphere, mold spores are common components of workplace and household dust. Mold spores multiply quickly. When present in an abnormally high quantity, mold presents extensive health hazards, such as producing mycotoxins and causing allergic reactions or fungal infection, also known as mycosis.

There are some ways however, that mold removal Bergen County finds these potentially harmful issues in their earliest stages, as well as preventing them from occurring.


Damp and wet environments are where mold thrives, such as bathroom, kitchen, basement and attic environments. When left untouched, mold may also pose risks to structural elements of buildings, since it can corrode through wood.

This is why it is so important to learn how to recognize mildew and mold problems quickly enough to eradicate them early and before they spread. Below are some tips on how to spot and treat potential mold hazards.

1. Staining

Usually, when mold removal Bergen County professionals find any form of discoloration is present, there is a water leak or damage of some kind. The source area’s drywall must be removed and replaced.

2. Odors

If there is a moldy smell, chances are there is mold present somewhere. Often, it is not possible to see the mold, but the odor is noticeable as soon as entering a space where it exists.

3. Wall or ceiling blistering

Peeling or blistering paint can be another indicator that mold exists through water damage. Screws, joints or any form of bulging drywall is also evidence of wood that is warping, usually from repeated instances of water exposure.

4. Ventilation

Areas of a dwelling that are not properly ventilated are also prone to instances of mold. Areas that are accessible to a water system or that face outside water exposure are far more susceptible to the growth of mold.

NARI experts have suggested that people run the fan for up to an hour after each shower. Ensuring the window is open can also help keep moisture levels down.

Realizing that mold is in every place imaginable, it is the location and amount that will determine whether or not it is harmful. Therefore, the best tactic to safeguard health is prevention. Therefore, engaging mold removal Bergen County professionals as quickly as possible can greatly help to eliminate hazards before they occur or worsen.

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