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You’re no longer getting enough restful sleep, and you’re old, lumpy mattress is not helping you any. Instead of feeling refreshed, you wake up with body ache and stiffness. There’s no denying it; you’re going to have to purchase a new mattress. It’s either spend some money on a good mattress or spend sleepless nights and suffer the consequences.

Mattress can be pretty expensive, especially the high-quality ones. However, there are ways that you can do to save some money when you buy a new mattress.

Do Some Research
Much like you would shop for new electronic appliances and gadgets, it’s important that you do a little research about the mattress first. Know the pros and cons of some of the popular mattress brands, and know their prices as well. This way, you can easily choose the type of mattress that will best fit your budget and preferences.

Ask Your Doctor
If you’re suffering from neck and back problems, then it’s important that you have a talk with your orthopedic doctor first before you make any purchase. If you’re undergoing physical therapy sessions, then ask your physical therapist, too, regarding the brands that he can recommend for your condition.

These people may not be an expert on sleep, but their professional opinion can help you a great deal when it comes to choosing a good mattress. They can tell you if your condition needs a firm or a soft mattress, and they can also tell you whether or not you can benefit from an adjustable bed.

Money-Back Guarantees
Let’s say that you already have an idea on what mattress brand and type to get, then the next step is to ask the provider if they’re offering money-back guarantees. This is a very good and important deal that you have to look for when you purchase mattresses since this gives you the opportunity to try it out first. If after the money-back guarantee period you feel that it didn’t do much to help you sleep better, then you can simply send the mattress back and choose another one. This way, you don’t waste any money, especially if the mattress you’ve purchased is very expensive.

Look for Warranty
Another tip when it comes to purchasing mattresses is to look for warranties. This gives you the assurance that you’ve bought a quality mattress and, at the same time, the assurance that you’re going to receive your money’s worth. Fortunately, most high-quality mattress brands provide their customers with at least a minimum of about ten years of mattress warranty and replacement should it have a company flaw detected a few years after use. Some examples of company production flaw include broken mattress spring as well as ripped and open seams not detected upon purchase.

Know Where to Shop
If you want to save money, then purchase one from a mattress store. They offer high-quality mattresses at very affordable prices, compared to those offered by department stores or even furniture stores. More often than not, you can also get mattresses at discounted prices from these mattress stores.

High-quality mattresses need not be that expensive if you know how to choose and where to look for one.

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Jennifer Dahlman writes for a latex mattress Portland provider. Through this article, she hopes to teach people how to save money when purchasing mattresses.