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There are millions of people around the world who has cars. Cars are beautiful, expensive and sleek and thus it requires proper care and maintenance. These utility assets are very useful for performing the daily chores and so it is essential to have good maintenance and proper repairs of these cars but there are tips by following which will save you from spending large sum of money for its maintenance.
Car Maintenance

The Most useful Tips for Car Maintenance includes-

Regular tune up of car – it is essential to have the car tuned at least once in a month so that the life span of the car is increased. A poor tuned car uses 30% more gasoline every year. Tuning the car is cheaper and can be done with regular maintenance of the car which can also be done by mechanics or car maintenance engineer.

Change of oil filters and oil at regular intervals- proper car maintenance can be done with the use of high grade oil and not only by changing the oil. This high grade oil is recommended by the car maintenance engineer who should be done at 2000-4000kms of driving the car regularly. Owner’s manual should be followed religiously. Frequent changing the oil is very essential as it helps in increasing the life span of the car. Change of oil should be done along with changing the oil filters which will help you to save the cost of engine wear and repair.

Checking air filter at regular interval- an air filter which is dirty can reduce the life of engine and also the gasoline mileage. Cleaning of the air filter should be done by blowing the accumulated dust particles and by blowing the dust. Replacing of the air filters is recommended at the time of damage.

Regular checking of the fluid levels- for old cars the fluid levels should be checked every day and for new car it should once a week. The battery life is shortened because of low battery water. The different kinds of fluids in cars include clutch fluids, automatic transmission fluid and radiator coolants. If any of these liquids is reduced or is empty, it can cause improper functioning of the car.

Use of recommended gasoline- unleaded gasoline is preferred for the car. A car maintenance engineer advices on the gasoline to use by which you can save a considerable amount of money every year. The manufacturers of high performance engine usually recommend a high octane gasoline but less expensive alternative can also be used.

Checking the tire pressure regularly- pressure of the tire should be checked once a month as tire with less pressure consumes more gasoline because of the drag it causes. Under inflation of the tire can reduce the gasoline mileage by 4-6%

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