Moving From The City To The Country

So you’re considering trading in all the chaos of the city for the tranquil countryside. You wouldn’t be the first person, whether retirement age, looking to start a new family in a more rural area or just looking for a change.

Pros and Cons
Yes, the countryside has picturesque views, a more serene environment and it may enable you to live at a slower pace. Although moving seems like a great idea, have you thought it through thoroughly? The country also has its downfalls. Additionally, you have to start the tedious process of searching for a home and buying one. There so much more to escaping the city than just packing up and leaving.

Before you commit leaving behind the convenience and luxury of the city consider some of the pros and cons of moving.

Friends and family member may gawk at you when you say you want to move. The reiterated/ reiterated response, “What is there to do?” Many people may not understand the attraction or even enjoyment that country living offers.

Safe Haven
The country is a safe haven for nature lovers. With plenty of nearly untouched land full of forests, lakes and magnificent animals, there is so much beauty to take in. Country living boasts a certain simplicity that to many city-dwellers, is hard to grasp.

Living in a smaller town such as Sea Breeze, British Columbia or Lemonville, Ontario enables you to have more privacy and serenity, in addition to much more space. There is room for kids to run around, the air is cleaner and you don’t have to contend with so many noises and distractions.

Yet, that same seclusion you desire, can be extremely hard to adapt to. You may even end up feeling isolated since there is so much distance between you and your neighbors. And your neighbor – there may be few and far between, so you better make sure you get along with them.

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Any move, no matter where to, presents its own challenges and making new friends is among them. However, in rural areas, the communities tend to be a little more tight-knit, so it can be difficult at first to feel like you fit in. You also have to forgo frequent visits from your friends and families, since there may be considerable distance between you.

In fact, your life may be defined by long commutes – to work, the doctor, the shopping mall almost everywhere that’s not your back porch. Another downside is the lack of entertainment. Those who don’t fancy going out to bars and clubs late at night, or can easily find entertainment in any shape or form, will have an easier time adjusting.

Before skipping out of town, you also have to consider your financial situation. Ask yourself if the new lifestyle will help or hurt you financially. Do your research to determine which areas fit within your budget and carefully compare mortgage rates and other expenses.

Moving to the country is not for everyone, but those who live there, truly enjoy the quality of life it has to offer.

Michael Edmondstone is a freelance personal finance writer.

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