Moving House With Your Family

Moving House With Your Family

One of the most stressful things you can do in your life is moving house and so when you do it you need to ensure that it is definitely the right move for your family’s future.  Whether you are planning to move down the street, across town, move city or even country, the same things need to be taken into consideration.

When a child is born, their parents may think about where is the best place that they should go to school; from nursery school through to secondary school.  However, it can often be difficult to send your child to the school you prefer as a result of waiting lists and restrictions on entry due to location.  Contacting schools beforehand will help eliminate any queries that you may have in relation to these constraints.

It is not only the education of a child to consider, extracurricular activities are important as well.  Are these activities available where you are moving to and are there room in these classes?

When is best?
Consider what time of year is best to make the move in relation to your child’s education.  Moving during the summer holidays will allow a fresh start in September, and not as daunting as jumping in the middle of a term when friendship groups have been established.

Family support
Family support will be another big factor in moving. Having grandparents, aunties and cousins nearby is very important for many.  This comes on many levels from emotional to financial.     Making a move may involve moving a bit further from family, or on the other hand, moving closer to family may be a reason to move.

Job relocation
One of the things that may instigate a move could be a parent getting a new job, or a move within their company which could benefit the family financially.  However, the wellbeing of all family members must be taken into consideration.  Extra support from your company will often be given if a family move is involved and so it is important to enquire about what they can offer you.

Moving to a new city or country
Moving city, or county can be a big decision, however this can be made easier in a number of ways.  The wonders of the internet can help with a wide range of expat forums with people who share their moving experiences with others to help them.  You can use these forums to ask questions to others who have done similar moves.  As these are important community spaces for expats, most people will be very helpful with any questions you pose.

Support will go a long way when moving so no matter how big or small it is, a pot of welcome jam from a new neighbour or lending you a hand to pack, any help from work, family, neighbours  and friends should be welcomed at this busy time.  You can make your move less stressful by using an experienced home removals company.

Bill Weston writes on a number of subjects including home removals and family life.

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