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Moving to university is an exciting time for any student. It is important to plan ahead when preparing for this big move. This is a person’s new home. Placing careful thought into what bedding, supplies, and documents to bring makes this transition easier. Compiling a list ensures packing is manageable and students do not forget important items.

Important Documents
One never knows what information a university may need. This is why it is important to bring all exam certificates, insurance information, and address and bank account information. Additionally, having a passport on hand and one’s license makes it easier to travel. Any discount travel cards and maps will make it easier to get around.

Academic Supplies 
Coming to university prepared increases one’s chances for success. Students should have books, planners, notebooks, and laptops sorted before they come to school. Additional materials like a memory stick can be secured too. A printer and paper are important items for any university student. Additionally, students will no doubt benefit from a small desk lamp. Having tape, staplers, and post-it notes ensures a student has everything he or she needs.

A home is not complete without one’s bedding situated. Making one’s bed is the first thing that helps a student feel at home. Sheets, a duvet and cover, and pillows are essential items. Many students benefit from adding a mattress cover and pad for comfort and bringing an inflatable mattress so guests have a place to sleep.

Kitchen Items
Nothing is worse than coming to university without a few mugs, corkscrews, pots, and cutlery. Investing in a few staples makes it easier to cook. Other essential items include a frying pan, plates, shot glasses, scissors, a tin opener, kettle, spatula, spices, and a vegetable peeler. Once moved in, students should stock up on staples like eggs, sugar, coffee, tea, margarine, and cooking oil. Items like cling film and tin foil make it easier to store leftovers.

Health and Body 
It is important to come to university with painkillers, condoms, and a basic first aid kit that includes a variety of antiseptic wipes and bandages. Coming with a hot water bottle, vitamins, and anti-allergy pills is smart too. One should have emergency contact information and all insurance information in an easy-to-access location.

Before shipping off to school, one should load up on toiletries. Everything from toothbrushes and toothpaste to soap, shampoo, and conditioner is important. Additionally, one shouldn’t forget to bring toilet paper if the university doesn’t provide it, a basket for shower items, a variety of towels, and nail clippers. Other items to invest in include: shaving creams, perfume or cologne, lip balm, hair gel, and a brush and comb. Razors are important too. People with their own bathrooms should bring a bath mat and shower curtain too.

Cleaning Products
Students get a reality check when they attend university. Gone are the parents who have kept the house. Instead, students have to clean for themselves. Thus, it is important to bring dish and laundry detergent, sponges, a dustpan and broom, and Febreeze. A laundry bag, duster, and a variety of coat hangers are important too.

Different people will need different types of clothing on hand. A general rule is to bring only what will be worn since space is often limited for university students. Underwear and socks are incredibly important, a formal dress and eveningwear for special events is useful, and a variety of t-shirts, jeans, pants, and “going out” clothes are important. Students should bring flip-flops if they are sharing a shower, sneakers for going to the gym, and nice shoes for job interviews and important events.

Students should never wait until the last moment to pack. Instead, being prepared and making a list is important. Once the basics are loaded, one can think about bringing comfort items like photographs, posters, books, and even a teddy bear or potted plant. University is a time for students to make themselves a new home. Every item counts!

Joe Jones maintains a number of blogs including one about university life on behalf or thefuturelets who offer houses to rent Coventry for students, staff and visitors to Coventry University.