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Unfortunately for me, I always get the autumn blues. It doesn’t matter just how crisp and sunny the days through September can be as I always have the thought that those darker days of autumn are quickly coming in.

What worries me even more is that I know that once those days are here, the light literally disappears right until February.

However if you can forgive my self pity, I will show you a few ways to combat these dark months. Of course the key is light and lots of it; we need to let whatever sunshine we get into our homes. This can be achieved through some bright yet soft furnishings combined with a selection of lamps and pendant lights.

Even better would be the addition of a skylight, which would not only let in the sunlight but also open up the space that we have. They have an amazing effect of making a room look much bigger than it actually is.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!
Another of the clever tricks I like to use is mirrors and plenty of them. These again help to create an image of space whilst they also reflect any light coming into the room. These are perfect in any hallways that you might have. In fact according to Feng Shui a mirror placed in the hallway will bring energy into your home where it will flow down your hall and all around your house. If there is one thing I need in autumn it is certainly plenty of energy.

For colours, white is always an excellent choice at brightening up any room and again it promotes space, yet overdoing it can almost bring a cold feeling to the room, which is the last thing we want during those dull months. Try some beige colours or even a light grey, these combined with white can keep that bright look whilst keeping it warm too.

Curtains can make all of the difference too; though I try to keep mine open for as long as the sun is there. Keep them bright, as once the time comes to close them you want them to still add a bit of lightness to the room.

For lighting I like to use pendant lights, they add that touch of class to a room without looking over the top. Don’t use bulbs that are too powerful though, we want to keep the place bright but not overpowering, I don’t know about you but I get a headache if the lights are too bright. Go for low powered bulbs that can set the mood in the evening.

Though we can’t control autumn on the outside, we can certainly have a good go on the inside. A few alterations such as pendant lights and a few mirrors and they should see us through until spring.