Muay Thai Is The Graceful Martial Art

Muay Thai Is The Graceful Martial Art

There are different martial arts in different parts of the world. Some are highly popular because of the stylish formations and the powerful blows. Muay Thai, the martial art of Thailand, is growing immensely popular for all the good reasons. For all the martial arts’ lovers, Muay Thai is an intriguing art that is driving people crazy with the formations and styles. In this article, we would discuss all the aspects of Muay Thai that you need to know before you start training in a camp.

Muay Thai Is The Graceful Martial Art

The Origin of Muay Thai

The first thing you should know about Muay Thai is its history. The roots of this sports spread long back to the 15th Century. This sport was embraced by Nai Khanom Tom; one of the best fighters of Muay Thai Thailand back in the middle ages; who defeated 9 warriors using this sport. However, Muay Thai has evolved much more than violence over the years and now it is one of the most elegant martial arts of the world.

Prior the Fight

Before you start fighting using Muay Thai, you have to follow the traditions. When you enter the ring, you have to perform a pre-fight dance Ram Muay with a headband that your trainer will provide you. After that, you have to show gratitude to your trainer by performing Wai Kru. Wai Kru means bowing down three times. In Muay Thai Thailand, after the completion of these rituals, the fight begins.

The Fight Begins

After the ceremonies are completed, the fight begins. There are 5 rounds of 3 minutes each. The music is played behind. The basic rule is the boxers can hit anywhere on the body but the head. Muay Thai uses multiple techniques of attack and defense. Some best moves are the low kick, high kick, knee blow and elbow thrusts. The violence level has been reduced to a significant level as compared to the past and it is now one of the most entertaining sports to watch.

If you are planning to train in Muay Thai and planning to join a training camp, you would find this article helpful. However, you should watch a live match to get a better picture of Muay Thai and what awaits you in the camp. There are also some best health benefits of Muay Thai that can only be experienced when you actually go through the process. You will see improvement in your reflexes, your metabolism will improve, your stamina will increase and you will feel the power in your muscles. Besides all these, a sense of self defense will grow inside you. You will fell in love with while training. The best way to enjoy this sports is by fighting a competitor. Obviously you would not want to hurt someone, but who does not love competition?

We hope you find this article helpful and informative. It is your time to shine with training in Muay Thai.

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