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Most parents realize long before they see their baby’s face for the first time that babies are expensive. There is just so much gear that you want to have on hand to help your baby feel comfortable and happy in your home, and it can cost a small fortune outfitting your home with these items. When you go on vacation, however, you cannot reasonably expect to pack up your baby’s entire room and take it with you. So what are the “must have” items you don’t want to leave home without?

Of course, you want to pack carrier for your baby any other transportation methods you need to use for your specific vacation. In some cases, a stroller may not be necessary or can be rented while on the road. If you need to travel with a stroller, consider bringing your smallest or most compact stroller.

Bringing plenty of clothing options is critical as well. Babies are constantly spitting up, and leaks are common, too. Thankfully, their cute outfits are small, and so it’s not an inconvenience to pack a few extra outfits. You also want to pack a small plastic bag to keep your suitcase, as you don’t want to toss soiled baby clothes into a suitcase filled with clean clothes. Plenty of diapers and wipes should also be packed. However, if you will be located close to a grocery store on the road, you can consider packing light with the plan to purchase more of these items once you arrive at your destination.

You should plan to bring several bottles and baby formula, baby food jars, and more, if your baby consumes these food. Be sure to bring your own cleaning supplies such as a small bottle of soap and a scrubbing brush, too, unless you will have access to a dishwasher to clean these items. It can be difficult to find enough space in a suitcase pack enough bottles and other dishes and utensils for several days or more away from home, so it’s smart to plan on cleaning them while away.

Getting a baby to sleep in a new location can be a challenge, and so you also want to make an effort re-create an environment as close to his or her current sleeping environment. Pack favorite blankets, and download soothing ambient sounds to block out background noise in a busy hotel. Be sure to check on the availability of a play yard for sleeping accommodations where you will be staying, too.

When it comes to traveling with a baby, you want to consider practical items that you need to feed and clothe your baby as well as comfort items that will keep him or her happy, too.