Must-Have Tailgating Tips

Must-Have Tailgating Tips

It’s football season, soccer season, field hockey season and more. This is the perfect time of the year to have tailgating parties. Football is known for its tailgating parties, but you can show your support for any sport before the game. All you need to have locked down is your tailgating gear to throw the ultimate pre-game celebration. Here’s important tips to keep in mind:

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a must-have for tailgates. Pick a sauce flavor that everyone can enjoy or have multiple flavors for a variety of choices. Boneless are easier to eat while standing, but if you prefer the bones, then be sure to have a garbage prepared for the leftover bones from the chicken. Either way, chicken wings are tasty and don’t forget to compliment them with celery and ranch dressing!

Spirit Decorations

You are at a big game, so why not start out by sharing your spirit with everyone. Hang banners, wear team clothing, and let everyone know who you support. Other supports will cheer on your tailgating area. Don’t be offended by poor sports supporting the other team, and don’t talk down to opposing supporters. Offer the opposing teams some goodies to be respectful. Tailgating is all about bringing everyone together!

Cupcakes and Cookies

Cupcakes and cookies are easier to make and they are even easier to transport. Take the time to show your spirit with your goodies also. Purchase sprinkles and frosting that are your team’s colors. Put as much frosting on both your cupcakes and cookies so they match your decorations. Be careful, dark colors will most likely dye the inside of your mouth. That OK, but it all depends on how far you want to take your spirit efforts.


Keep everyone entertained at your tailgate. Bring footballs, hula hoops and other portable games to keep your group entertained at the tailgating party. See how long each of your friends can hula hoop or if they can drink or eat while hula hooping. You will get a lot of laughs before your bring your energy to the game.


It will be cheaper to eat before the game, rather than grabbing a bite to eat while watching the game. If you are traveling a way to your game, pick up a pizza in the town you are going to. Mostly everyone enjoys pizza, and if someone doesn’t like it, they can pick up something else at the pizza shop. If you live close to the stadium, pick up pizza from your favorite pizzeria. Make sure you buy enough for everyone!

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