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My House Full Of Memories

Perhaps we are so enamored with digital photo sharing and instant downloading that we have forgotten the simple pleasure of looking at and touching a photo.  It’s therefore great news to know that the same technology that is making Polaroid and traditional film obsolete is now coming back to its roots.  The physical, tangible picture.

Why Make a House Full of Photo Memories?
ust consider some of the hottest products on the market.  You can now upload photos of your friends, relatives and vacation sights to stationery, to a business card, or even to your bed pillow or towel.  You’re not only able to personalize or engrave a message—you can actually create a full, high quality image on almost any printable medium.

Families have taken full advantage of this and are now publishing their own calendars, mouse pads, magnets and photo tile coasters.  And that’s not all.  Why stop at flat when you can go 3D and create customized iPhone cases, cups, water bottles, blankets and even ceramic ornaments?

Custom Coasters and Other Photo Products
Of course, once you actually have a family and watch as your life moves in fast-forward, you come to appreciate the little peaceful moments in which everything felt perfect.  It’s not surprising then that mothers love baby pictures; even years after their children have grown into adults.  What better joy is there to look down and see tile coasters or pillows with a familiar face as you go about your daily routine?  It helps you relive the magic memories and perhaps even slow down time for just a bit.

Of course, you don’t have to stop at family photos just to create tangible memories around the house.  Why not create coasters or tote bags featuring your favorite movie moments or your favorite video game moments?  There are some very creative coasters out there featuring old comic book covers, computer or Nintendo game imagery, as well as other greeting card images with text.

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Don’t forget about art!  With a custom tile coaster or photo desk organizers, you can bring all of your favorite artists to your dining room table or living room for a full-blown art discussion.  Many famous prints of Da Vinci and Van Gogh’s work are now available to buy as personalized coasters.  You can also go the retro route and opt for your favorite brand names—Coca Cola, Hershey’s and of course, your favorite beer!

Vacation Products—Never Say Goodbye
Vacation holidays never last as long as you hope.  So why not bring home some of the magic and force yourself to relive some of your better days—all the while managing stress at home and on the job?  A little mouse pad or coaster image of Costa Rica, of Las Vegas, of Orlando, or wherever you decide to vacation, will be a great pick-me-up.  Not only does it call to mind great feelings of the past, but it also helps draw out your company who will want to ask you about your trip.

Remember, life is short and in the end, the blissful memories you have are what matter.  So make it a point to take more photos in general—on vacation, around the house, with family, and during your favorite pastimes.  Instead of keeping them on your hard drive or on your Facebook page, create a little shrine to your happiness and treat all of these photo products as a sort of inspiration board—but a movable and useful board that doesn’t just take up space.  Your house full of memories will be one of your guest’s favorite highlights from the tour!

Hugh Parker is the owner of ZaZaGallery.com, a place where you can create custom tile coasters and other personalized gifts.

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