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When we first bought our house, we had all of our children at home. Now, quite a few years later, we just have the girls. Two teenagers, who spend more time in the bathroom than I do at work! My wife and I are sick and tired of having to wait, so I arranged a surprise. Our home has four bedrooms, well three decent sized and one small box room, and luckily enough the smallest one sits adjacent to our own bedroom. I had decided to have a new en suite bathroom installed, but to ensure it stayed as a surprise I had to get creative.


Whilst the wife was at work, I arranged for several firms, who specialise in en-suite installations, to come and give me some quotes. I nearly changed my mind! It seemed to be an enormously expensive surprise, not to mention the pushy salesmen, who tried to sell me everything I didn’t think I would need. I hadn’t considered the many different types of bathroom fittings. It had never occurred to me that there was more than one type of shower, in fact the only thing these salesmen did manage to do, was open my eyes to the hundreds of different variations possible. They gave me a thirst for more knowledge, I felt compelled to learn as much as possible, to create the best en-suite as I could.


During my voyage of bathroom furniture discovery I learned several important things.

  • My box room wasn’t big enough for a toilet, sink and bath combination.
    •  This would take longer than the one day I was hoping for.
    • This would cost a lot more than initially considered.
    •  The firms I had consulted all seemed to charge the earth for the furniture itself.

The most important thing I did discover was this; I could buy the equipment myself, at a fraction of the cost and just have someone install it. Actually cut out the middle man. So I started searching for a supplier.


In the end, I managed to kill three birds with one stone. Not only did I pull off the best surprise ever, she is still impressed to this day, I also arranged and had installed a beautiful wet room and to me the best bit, I kept my wallet from crying! The company I used had it all. Showers, toilets, wet room floor kits you name it, they stocked everything and even had it delivered to me within 7 days too!

It could be just showers you’re looking for, or like me you may need the whole thing; either way there is really no need to repeat my journey, cut out the middlemen.